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  • jumjum    3,459 posts
    This will be bigger than the Essendon Drugs scandal
  • spinkingspinking    3,644 posts
    think Rooboys mob might be looking for a new new coach same could be said for Brisbane. No wonder Cyril did want to have much to do with them if true
  • rooboyrooboy    1,416 posts
    I hope this is not true Spinks!
    I have already cancelled Kayo when Langer got sacked and have not watched a ball bowl since.Could not give a rats ass if the Aussies win or not!
    The same will happen to the AFL for me if this is true!

  • RIORIO    14,871 posts
    Something happened, but its all alleged at this stage.

    I wonder how many non-indigenous players they interviewed about their AFL experience during the same period???

    I'd be surprised if the alleged Agents of Lucifer said any of what they are reported to have said, but that isn't to say something they said may have been interpreted  differently to how it was meant to be.

    Shaun Boygoine was there during all that period, and never heard or knew about any of it. He is a leading indigenous footballer, and none of the victims were willing to talk to him about it!?!?!?!

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  • spinkingspinking    3,644 posts
    If what has allegedly been said is even close to the mark, pretty hard to interpret any other way. What else do you think someone would mean when telling you to get your partner to have a abortion. Anyway let’s let it play out and see what happens . I think if any of it is substantiated though there may be a couple clubs looking for new coaches
  • jumjum    3,459 posts
    Agree Rio. It's all about interpretation of what was said. And it's all about a he said she said scenario
    But Burgoyne at the time was a 28 yr old established player.
    The accusations are coming from young indigenous kids at the time.
    And if you look at the timelines it is not hard to work out who the players are. I reckon I've got all 3 pinned that have made these accusations.
    I think 1 is a WA lad. Unfortunately came back home and hasn't done to well in life since.
    But for 3 to come forward and I believe one was still in the AFL system this year. I think there is a bit more to play out in this. 
    For this to be released from the AFL and Hawthorn to the media (Mark my words, they have been sitting on this for days). They must be confident that these allegations have a little bit of substantiation behind them.

    Clarkson and Fagan have been blindsided here. And the question needs to be asked why? Hawthorn and the AFL would never have let this get out if it didn't have any legs. 
    If this is all wrong and false accusations. Then we will see unprecedented lawsuits here. Because this will have massive ramifications either way this will fall.

    And too be honest. It's a shittt situation either way. And I really do not want to know what's going to happen. Because either way. No one can win in this.

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  • RIORIO    14,871 posts
    "And I really do not want to know what's going to happen. Because either way. No one can win in this." Quote of Jums

    So true.

    I was hesitant to comment at all. I've worked/volunteered with youth, youth at risk. and in particular indigenous youth on and off over my lifetime..Most recently in the past 4 years. All of what they have told me has to be taken as the truth, as seen, heard and understood by them. And this has to be the case here.

    No one will come out any better due to this being aired in the public, However there is a chance that once again all our communities, will take another step forward to understanding how important it is to communicate in a way that is appropriate for everyone in the conversation. Not only in the context of reconciliation, but also in the context of living in such a multi cultural community.

    I hope no harm is done to anyone during this process of proper investigation. I hope for the continuous process of understanding to become even better integrated and respected....But i reckon this will break some of the alleged victims and alleged perpetrators..

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  • TheDivaTheDiva    13,237 posts
    this has gone very quiet.

  • RIORIO    14,871 posts
    Saw an article on it this week.

    Mr and Mrs Cyril Rioli had requested an extension for them to belatedly put their submissions in to the panel. That has held it up for about 6 weeks from memory - although i cant remember where i read it!! - as they had originally said they weren't going to put a submission in.

    So i think there is some sort of release coming in late February....hopefully
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