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  • spinkingspinking    3,804 posts
    they should change the name to the onballers  centremen medal
  • MarkovinaMarkovina    2,977 posts
    Been some great winners of the Brownlow - but last night it is now bordering on a farce

    Biggest joke was Horne Francis getting 3 votes against Geel with only 13 possessions - and what they think has happened their - Port have got a hbflanker - i forget his name - but he has got the same long blond hair - looks exactly like Horne Francis 

    So obviously the umpires thought it was the one player - and Horne Francis with 13 poss gets the 3 votes where as Butters and Rozee cut the Cats to pieces 

    You cant have that amateurish bull shiit - take it off the umpires

    Biggest joke - re votes awarded in Brownlow medal history - and ive heard Hugh Mitchell the Ess player tell this story 

    Round 8 - 1955 Ess v Sth Meb - Dons 13-14 beat Swans 7-12  . Hugh Mitchell played full forward and he had a great day he kicked 9 goals 7 pts . His direct opponent was Fred Goldsmith . And the umpire gave the 3 brownlow medal votes to Goldsmith - Hughie Mitchell said well he did have to kick in the ball a  fair bit - so maybe the ump got confused 

    And Fred Goldsmith just happened to win the Brownlow medal that year 

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  • meatpiemeatpie    461 posts
    It's an umpires award, if it not to your liking up the prestige and history of the other awards.

    Still will be the most coveted award next year, the year after, and the year after that........

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  • H-BOMBERH-BOMBER    10,339 posts
    Correct. It is an umpires award. Plain and simple. They'll get it wrong in people's minds most of the time. Do away with the BS vote count and have an annual "the year that was", which it basically is, and announce the winner at the end.

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  • savethegamesavethegame    2,857 posts
    Carlton champion Craig Bradley was never going to win one & should've, but the umpires couldn't handle the amount of backchat. One umpire mentioned in retirement too much Yap Yap.
  • MarkovinaMarkovina    2,977 posts
    meatpie said:

    It's an umpires award, if it not to your liking up the prestige and history of the other awards.

    Still will be the most coveted award next year, the year after, and the year after that........
    In your opinion

    In my opinion its lost a lot of gloss and sheen and credability

    Neale got 7 kicks in 1 game - got the 3 brownlow votes -  he did not get 1 coaches vote for that game - Charlie Cameron apparently kicked 7 goals in that game and didnt get a vote - that is beyond stupid 

    The other stupid thing about it is a midfielders award only presently - last decade - prior to that you had Glendenning CHB - Quinlan CHF Peter Moore a ruckman won it twice - Tony Locket a FF - they today have got no chance of winning it - that is beyond ridiculous 

    Its like having a champion racehorse award each year - and say - look we will only award it to a  sprinter - Newmarket/ Lightning Stakes - Oakleigh Platers 
    The great milers - Doncasters-Epsoms - no you cant win it - 10 furlong champs - Tancred - Cox Plate - no you cant win it - mile and a half - Derbys - Caulfied Cup horses - no you cant win it 

    If that was the situation - the award would be an absolute joke - and thats what the Brownlow has been like for about 10 years - so you take it with the other rubbish down to the local tip and dump it

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  • meatpiemeatpie    461 posts
    and your opinion too

    but what an inanely stupid analogy, desperate really.

    he was 5th in the line of betting so hardly an absolute shock, the top vote pollers were almost if not the top 5 in betting. If any of the other four had won it there would be no outcry, outliers happen in all things.

    I'll take the position of Leigh Matthews probably the greatest not to have won a Brownlow Medal who supports it staying as an umpires award because that is what it is. He did say in his opinion  the best award was the coaches.

    And as I said next year the Brownlow will still be the award that gets all the attention.

    Name me a CHF, CHB, Ruck that has a bigger impact on the game than the top 5 in the votes. 

    The top 5 in the coaches award finished top 5 in the Brownlow so again hardly a complete blow out.

    Total overreaction
  • detonatordetonator    4,375 posts
    Could do what Ross Glendinning did when he ignored the judges votes and awarded his medal to Michael Gardner instead of the judge`s winner Ashley Sampi. Hahaha =))
  • VoodooVoodoo    1,250 posts
    Fairest and Best....Mr Mathews could never be regarded as fairest, could play alright but fair dinkum was a filthy behind the play operator. Mind you he did play at the toughest time of the game.

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  • ManchildManchild    741 posts
    Shock  horror , AFL players doing drugs. Who would have thought.
     Their testing is a Fking joke.

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  • RIORIO    14,882 posts
    Finally a bit of a shifting of the deck chairs at Freo.

    From the outside looking in I’ve thought Bell has too much control in a lot of areas at Freo.

    Will be interesting to see if it has any effect with infield results and player retention.

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  • detonatordetonator    4,375 posts
    When you are on the way out they give you the title “special projects”. Bye bye. =))
  • MarkovinaMarkovina    2,977 posts
    Any of the Swan Districts supporters and there is a few of them on this forum - got any views/opinion re Lawson Humphries

    Being a Geelong supporter - the Cats picked him last night - their last pick a pick in the 60s

    I know everyones highlight reels look good - but his and it was in a game against West Perth - but he looked really good , because he is quick , genuine leg speed , number 52 , nice left foot kick and can kick right foot as well 

    My early call , i think you can add his name  to that ever expanding list that have slipped through the Fremantle Football clubs Net , and thats why their trophy cabinet , well there is nothing in it

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  • ChariotsonfireChariotsonfire    2,883 posts
    Some much closer than me to Lawson doubted that he would be drafted so we will have to wait and see. Very unlikely to get a berth in the early part of 2024.

    The Harley Reid  hype reminds of Jack Watts in 2008 when Melbourne gave him Barassi's number. He became little more than a journeyman at Melbourne and Port Adelaide after being taken ahead of Natanui, Stephen Hill and Daniel Rich.

    I do think that Reid is ready to go with more upside.

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  • ChariotsonfireChariotsonfire    2,883 posts
    Lawson was actually training with the league team at Bassendean Oval when the Coach called the players together to announce Lawson's draft selection. The group went feral.

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  • thefalconthefalcon    20,063 posts
    hope the media cuts the hype on young Reid. the lad comes from a town of 2000 folk, so would not be world weary...yet.
    don't want him over-whealmed with all the publicity portraying him as the second coming.
  • JayJayJayJay    7,769 posts
    Complete and utter shameless tripe from Mitchell Woodcock and his mate Barrett all week in the daily "New Idea" that poses as a morning paper."Prince of Perth", "Harley Reid Mania", "Perthonality" etc. Mania that initiates from and is driven by the poorest collection of so called journo's ever assembled. This is before the lad has even arrived in Perth. We have had to put up with the previous number 9 getting a page 3 photo every time he passes wind and now this absolute drivel about young Reid every morning.

    Can you imagine what Geoff Christian would make of these very poor excuses of football writers? Or is this the pathetic style demanded of by the current readership of this bird cage liner?

    Heaven forbid if the boy doesn't come up trumps, they will drop him like a hot scone if doesn't at least win the Brownlow first up next year. Disgraceful and unnecessary pressure.

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  • RIORIO    14,882 posts
    Agree JJ. The young fella has just got to get here. Get through training and hopefully get a good 15or so games in the season. Anything else will be a bonus.

    Just hope the so called media don’t start giving him a hard time if he’s not best on ground every week.

    Interesting back story about how many of this years draft have had played with some of last years drafts.

    Looking more promising than the last 2-3 years anyway. They were filled with hope. Hope we can get a fit team on the park!!
  • MarkovinaMarkovina    2,977 posts
    Fantastic write  up/football article  re Lawson H on Swan Districts website 

    The kid has been around a bit - Mildura when very young - then the Pilbara - then down to Hale school and then Swan Districts 

    Cant load /attach the article here , when i tried to  it just said , Uploaded file type is not allowed 
  • JayJayJayJay    7,769 posts
    Today's drivel in The West from by Samantha Rogers...."Welcome To Harleywood"...."hysteria in Perth" etc etc. Worse than the old Truth ...who can forget "Snedden Died On The Job",  "Drug Grannies In Gay Sex Romp", "I Got Pregnant In The Back Of A Cop Car" or the infamous "Killer Roo Rips Man Dog". 

    Absolute trash the West has become under Kerry's errand boy DeCeglie, Lord Mayor  Basil and Gina's Minerals Council cheer squad. If the Truth was the "Old Whore Of LaTrobe Street", then use little imagination in constructing a label for the Hasler drive publication.

    The pressure they are placing on Reid is disgusting.

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  • thefalconthefalcon    20,063 posts
    agree, the young fella might want to hop on a plane to back home....wouldn't blame him if he did.
    you'd think his manager would contact deceglie and tell him to call his dogs off
  • MarkovinaMarkovina    2,977 posts
    My opinion on Harley re media coverage - i think the West Australian newspaper are allowed like any other newspaper in Aust are allowed to talk him up as much as they like - i mean he is the biggest boom recruit the Eagles have had since Chris Judd 

    Where i consider the media will have crossed the line is if they put cameras or try to interview him  say coming or going from his residence or out shopping or going about his life , that is totally out of bounds , but the newspaper is allowed to talk him up 

    Hes not the only young highly talented player subject to pressure . Youve got the 18 year old W/Cat player hes got 4 different club talent scouts at training  and at all his games - could be drafted very high up in USA - he calmly said my phone rings like everyone elses , im fully aware of  the situation , im just concentrating on my training and playing as good as i can , now a is the West Aust allowed to talk him up is that going to pile the pressure on him, of course they are allowed to talk him up 

    And re The West Australian newspaper which i get home delivered Wednesday and Saturday copies 

    Ive never been one to relentlessly rubbish people for the sake of rubbishing . And having lived in plenty of states in Aust , i think their Saturday edition sports coverage ( both men and women ) is easily the best in Aust

    Ernies Trotting wrap , the best in Aust , the only time the Trots get a mention is Syd , is if their is a scandal 

    I think Craig Odonoghues articles both on the AFL and Wild Cats are very good . Ryan Daniels can have some brilliant articles , there was 1 a couple of weeks back where he pulled the draft to bits - all what has and can happen in that area , it was a fascinating  read .  Mitchell his  articles ive got no problem , he had a nice one and picture re Derek Halls son Clay being drafted by the Eagles . Glen Quartermain very good , it is WA  focussed , but he is based on the Eastern Seaboard , so get the Aust wide picture so all good 
  • JayJayJayJay    7,769 posts
    edited November 2023
    More of fanboy Woodcocks sustained genuflections today.

    From BigFooty: 

    Harley Reid has featured on the front or back page of the West Australian 18 times in the last 15 days.

    He has featured every day (bar one) since Wed 15th, and on some days has had both front and back page. 

    He has currently featured on 12 consecutive covers.

  • G-MacG-Mac    1,587 posts
    In the NRL the Wests Tigers just dismissed their entire board and CEO. 

    Has this happened in the AFL? If it did, what was the outcome?
  • ManchildManchild    741 posts
    Should have been done at WCE

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  • JayJayJayJay    7,769 posts
    Carlton when Jack Elliot was cheating his pigs **** off?
  • RIORIO    14,882 posts
    Manchild said:

    Should have been done at WCE

    Dickers should be done every 5 years as a condition of their license to operate! ????
  • MarkovinaMarkovina    2,977 posts
    Excellent article in yesterdays West Australian on Andy Brayshaw

    Brayshaw was very honest , he said his stats in quite a few games  last season might have read allright , but he was dissappointed  in his season , he said he didnt have influence in games , even though the stats might have suggested he did 

    Wants to get back to 2022 form where i think he was 5th in the Brownlow , thus setting himself for  a very big 24 season , where he basically wants to be a midfielder that opposition teams fear , so it will be interesting how he performs in the upcoming season 

    Poor old Fyfey hey , the Male Model and all the rest of it , i dont think he would be too pleased of that picture of him in yesterdays West , not one of the best shots of Nat
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