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TheDivaTheDiva    13,237 posts
Against my better judgement I'm going to blackbook this horse. 
Have been fooled many times by horses winning well up the straight at Pinj. Its very much horses for courses BUT... 
this horse ran time and blew them away, albeit in a maiden... but I reckon it has a few more wins in it and worth following. 
Hoping Peter Farrell has a rare city horse on his hands. 


  • TheDivaTheDiva    13,237 posts
    Racing again Boxing Day up the straight at pinjarra
  • TheDivaTheDiva    13,237 posts
    failed and went for a spell.
    willing to forgive one run... but jury is out.. 
    could be the 1000m pinjarra curse... gee it can make some horses look good. 

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  • TheDivaTheDiva    13,237 posts
    He's back after a short let up. 
    in the last.
    be interesting to see him go round a bend. 
  • TheDivaTheDiva    13,237 posts
    Came out of Saturday's race in favour of the much easier Class 1 on Wednesday at Ascot. 

  • TheDivaTheDiva    13,237 posts
    Every chance with 60kg.I think we can just about put a line through that race at Pinjarra. Im suggesting the time was wrong. 

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