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  • GilgameshGilgamesh    4,548 posts
    thefalcon said:

    why? the only person capable of selecting winners is you. you can read, you can watch replays, you can read stewards reports and you can watch track conditions and so forth.

    are the guys you are calling for living in dalkeith, toorak, double bay? are they driving mercs, beemers etc?
    no they live modestly and drive coronas...you (we) are better than that!
    rant over

    Its good racing banter falcon, its enjoyable.

    I more often than not listened to it after the race meeting to see if they mentioned anything I might have not picked up on on prior to the races.

    Far from just taking someones selections and backing them.

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  • meatpiemeatpie    364 posts
    Back next Friday i think

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  • JimmyPopJimmyPop    291 posts
    meatpie said:

    Back next Friday i think

    Great news

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