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Pinn riding light - Stewards double down on own ineptitude

East Coast Racing
G-MacG-Mac    1,553 posts

Show cause? As an owner I would be saying "it's your stuff up, you compensate those affected". Amateur hour.
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  • ThunderstruckThunderstruck    7,621 posts
    Yep absolute dickheads hope those affected dig in.
    Dopey Mexicans ... enough said.
  • BlacksAFakeBlacksAFake    2,371 posts
    Bob was affected too,Frigid was disqualified
  • ThunderstruckThunderstruck    7,621 posts
    And Mystery Moment twice, 1 win and a placing I think.
    The mare races today at Sandown with Pinn on again, quick redemption?..decent odds of around $8 to find out.
  • ThunderstruckThunderstruck    7,621 posts
    edited July 12
    Frigid also races in the last I only just noticed.
    Around $8 available for her too but the fav looks very hard to beat if it doesnt get planted.
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