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Why are so many marks paid that do not travel "at least 15 metres"?

licklick    298 posts
In every game, in every quarter, many many marks are paid that do not travel "at least" 15 metres from boot to hand (as per the rules of the game).

Many marks are paid that do not travel more than 8 or 10 metres - ridiculous! For your own info - get out a tape measure and just see what 15 metres actually looks like.

AFL rules state a player must not run further than 15 metres with the ball without bouncing, touching to ground or disposing of the ball - otherwise a free kick shall be paid to the opposition.

So, the minimum distance for a mark - and the maximum distance to run with the ball is 15 metres - they do not correlate on a football field DO THEY!?

If AFL umpires clamped own on "short" marks it would open the game up so much more. Do your job umpires - learn what 15 metres is, please!!
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  • MarkovinaMarkovina    2,734 posts
    I think AFL is a hell of alot better to watch than 4-5 years ago when it was  terrible - when i hardly watched any neutral games - but i am watching plenty these days - so full credit to the AFL bringing in the rule changes when they did 

     But i do agree with Lick post - and it is creeping in the dinky little kick to keep possession - all teams doing it - and like Lick said - it is up to the umpires - the umpires are too forgiving paying those marks - if in doubt of the 15 metres then call play on 
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