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Disgraced Chynna Marston - UK Report

East Coast Racing

A DISGRACED former jockey and TV star has been given a giant seven-year ban for her shocking treatment of racehorses.

Chynna Marston, 32, has been barred from the racing industry altogether until 2030 following a lengthy investigation.

Her partner Alex Kean has also been banned for six years after the harrowing details of how they treated thoroughbreds came to light.

The couple were found guilty of a combined 15 charges by Racing NSW stewards in Australia.

Kean was alleged to have shot dead a horse after a paddock accident and then burned the carcass on a bonfire.

Marston refused to attend the enquiry into the claims last month and said: "This has been the most ridiculous set of circumstances and I don't want to partake in their games any longer."

She was found guilty of eight charges in all, with four of them relating to animal welfare breaches.

A vet went to their yard on June 10 this year and determined 12 horses there were in poor health.

A second visit nine days later found six horses were affected by illness, had temperatures and had suffered diarrhoea.

Kean was found guilty of seven charges.

Marston, who had 31 wins as a jockey, recently resigned from her lucrative reporting role with Sky Racing.

Instead of attending the enquiry she released a 17-minute video online denying all allegations and labelled the clip 'the longest mic drop in history'.

She said she had become 'one of the most hated people' as a result of the charges for which she was found guilty.

Marston stopped riding in 2014 after a career-ending fall at a meeting that was later cancelled due to wet weather.

She was knocked out for five minutes, had a seizure and broke her back in two places, her nose and suffered brain damage.

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