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Cups Sunday: 2023 Northam Cup & 2023 Laverton Cup

West Australian Racing
It’s the race that stops Bakers Hill. The best 100 seconds in the Avon. What a day for it.

Or what about Laverton? Where the Desert Inn Hotel fires up at 9am for the Chanpagne breakfast kickoff.

No need to put the Great Northern on ice today,
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  • ChrisChris    5,154 posts
    R1 Seeyouatthesession
    R3 Lindens Gold
    R4 Justamiddy (bb)
    R7 Pompey / Another Chino
    R8 Midnight Mystery

    R3 You Can Tell Me
    R4 Bitovemu (bb)
    R5 Klondike Kenny
    R6 Got Lucky
  • ChrisChris    5,154 posts
    edited October 29
    Strong money Seeyouatthesesh :ar!
  • thefalconthefalcon    19,752 posts
    i've had a few bucks on my fair balentine in the last.
  • RIORIO    14,866 posts
    I know it was the best horse in the race. But that was a very good ride by Jade in the 5th
  • JimmyPopJimmyPop    292 posts
    Summer Dickson must be tearing her hair out with Lord Randolph. He showed so much promise and now cannot get out of his own way. He went like a dromedary today.

  • ChrisChris    5,154 posts
    On a positive, how good is Laverton racing - sensational. Put that in your bucket list.

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    Bucket list? Seriously? I Spent an Easter once at Windarra and had a good look at Leonora and Laverton (no races) and I would never return even if you offered to pay my expenses and added a generous betting kitty on top

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  • VoodooVoodoo    1,181 posts
    No sense of adventure Slip......

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    edited October 30
    Hey Voodoo I played footy on the red rock hard Windarra Footy Oval and believe me that was an adventure

    Forget Bucket List some should just go on the F****T List

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