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Cherry Can Run in the 6th... 50-1 E/W roughy of the day....
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  • ThunderstruckThunderstruck    7,621 posts
    I'll throw one out too Voodoo and its in the following race so maybe a massive running e.w all up is in the cards(their both drifting so it would be big)?

    Juan Won One is him name(won't lie I like it a lot), so have a listen to Dmac calling when it won at York last prep I literally had a chuckle :D Surely there Is a little pisstake in the naming but whatever the case it's catchy.

    Anyhow Juan doesn't go first up in it's career so far and should improve a fair bit second up, is a decent test today but we know Webby and Jags can get a roughie home, from gate 9 gonna need some luck in the run too.
  • Mikes27091Mikes27091    152 posts
    R1 : Red Tori
    R2 : Soliders Camp
    R3 : Al Vital
    R4 : Decoration
    R5 : La Dette
    R6 : Highest Award
    R7 : Great Demon
    R8 : Nunes
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