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East Coast Racing
it is reputed to bring almost a billion into the economy...thats a lot of loot, but just think of a few points, every worthwhile hotel is booked, restaurants are full, tote turnover, new clothes, taxis etc etc the list goes on..
PLUS, the crown "marquee" is 4 storys..yep, 4. every one would have bar and food stands..and it wouldn't be ben ean moselle and kfc.
THEN the lexus "marquee", do not know how big but it is deep sewered, no pesky chemical bogs. to get the sewerage would entail a lot of ground-work which would have been started months ago to get the lawn back up and growing.
don't forget these are not the only marquees...plus there's the birdcage.
in all my years living in sydney i never when down for it. a few colleagues went down in 1985 i think, i reneged. poor old "blondie" armstrong collapsed on oaks day. alcohol induced hepatitis..off the p*ss for 2 years, nearly killed him..being off the grog that is...
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    Yes Falcon not uncommon. I recall an alcoholic who hadn't drunk for two years and went on a cruise with an ex girlfriend. He got blotto the first night and died.
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