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Aiden O'Brien & Melbourne Cup

East Coast Racing
Quote from The Black Horse (issue 2 page 8) regarding the Anthony Van Dyck Scandal

Social media was incensed about yet another fatality in
the Melbourne Cup and the finger of suspicion was backed
up by the statistics which told a sorry tale of destruction. In
the last 42 years no Australian trained runners have died in
this most famous of races, but 11 international horses have
lost their lives in the last ten years either in the race, or later
from injuries caused during it, or as a result of injuries suffered at Werribee International Horse Centre, where the
imported horses trained while waiting to clear quarantine
after their arrival in the country.
With the Melbourne Spring Carnival being a truly international sporting occasion, it is an extraordinary statistic
that four of the horses who have died there in the last few
years and another two who sustained serious injury came
from Aidan O’Brien’s Ballydoyle Racing Stable. 
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