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  • Cant_RefuseCant_Refuse    198 posts
    Markovina said:

    Mate it was a joke for goodness sake 

    Anyhow i have emailed PTT to close my account - just waiting for them to do it 

    This site its just like a mob Prefect prickks at school 

    Youve got nuttters who dont contribute anything- they just sweat on your post 

    I could post that my favourite  colour was Red - someone would instantly post theres was green - theyd get 15 likes from all those Prefect pricck types - thats how laughable this site is

    Good bye and good riddance

    Best news I’ve heard this year
  • 2lifetimewinners2lifetimewinners    513 posts
    sonny said:

    And drawn one,,,

    On the 2nd line haha

    sonny likes this post.

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