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Ranking Clarity On The "Big" Six Majors

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JayJayJayJay    7,762 posts
edited February 2 Harness & Greyhounds
I think the position released yesterday by Cameron Brown on the clarity surrounding publication of rankings, and uses of preludes, heats (possibly) and lead up races, is an excellent move.

Owners need to know where their horses stand and although the jungle drum beaters opposed this when previously instituted, it is long overdue. 

I also like the idea of a big "Westbred Night" for all ages preceded by heats 10 days earlier. Again, some will remain vehemently opposed to heats thinking they have an entitlement for their horse to get an automatic start in the final, citing bad luck in the heats can work against them....but bad luck can work against or for you...even in the final.  So, thumbs up from me.

I still believe the dates of the Pacing Cup and the Fremantle Cup are in need of urgent review. Barring evidence showing a big jump in turnover on the Cup when shifted to November last year, and a subsequent sustained increase in turnover resulting form the change (not just a one off sugar hit), the overall effect was the Summer/Christmas Period all but dissolved into thin air without the Cup being run at it it's traditional time. Two weeks after the Golden Nugget in very late December/New Years Eve, returning to its traditional timeslot like the very successful New Years Day Perth Cup at Ascot this year, almost demands the move.

And the placement of the Fremantle Cup as an afterthought the week after the Nullabor just seems illogical.. Two weeks before the Nullabor as a lead up makes in my mind a whole lot more sense, any potential visitors far more likely to come early and race as they will be most unlikely to suit up a week after the grueling Nullabor (same for local horses). Hopefully, they have a look at the scheduling.
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