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  • ChrisChris    5,229 posts
    AbbysAce said:

    Ascot wont be on Sunday, weather forecast is saying 41 degrees.

    Can't we switch back to Saturday?
  • ChrisChris    5,229 posts
    I guess twilight times are their only hope if not
  • psychopsycho    654 posts
    Chris said:

    I guess twilight times are their only hope if not

    Monday ? "I'm Free" Mrs Slocombe

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  • psychopsycho    654 posts
    ASCOT is not going ahead on Sunday apparently

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  • ChrisChris    5,229 posts
    ASCOT 18/02
    Please note that the Ascot meeting scheduled for Sunday 18/02 has been abandoned due to the extreme heat forecast.
    The Belmont meeting scheduled for Wednesay 21/02 will now be moved to Ascot, with the following 5 races added to the program to form a 12 race card:
    Challenge Stakes 1500m
    Maiden 1100m
    Maiden 1400m
    Class 1 1000m
    Class 3 1400m

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  • tonytony    2,369 posts
    Albany now on Sunday (transferred from Saturday)
  • ChrisChris    5,229 posts
    Esperance now Monday, wonder how many times they’ve been moved for extreme weather
  • ThunderstruckThunderstruck    7,687 posts
    edited February 19
    A record smashed .. 49.3 in Gero yesty hells bells.
    Tick hotter in Carnarvon and I think Shark Bay had a record high too.
  • thefalconthefalcon    19,986 posts
    ^ be like the hammers of hell!! #:-S

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