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Deductions rort

West Australian Racing
Anyone who took fixed odds early on the Cyril Flower has been well and truly shafted with deductions with the corps ranging between 56 and 84 cents in the dollar (that assumes there are no more scratchings today in which case the deductions will be even greater).

The differences in the amounts deducted by the corps highlights the rort:

Sportsbet - 84c - made up of Wild Belle 27c, Mojo Rhythm 8c, Aztec Ruler 19c, and Live To Tell 30c.
Ladbrokes - 66c - made up of Wild Belle 19c, Mojo Rhythm 8c, Aztec Ruler 12c, and Live To Tell 27c.
Tab Vic - 56c - made up of Wild Belle 21c, Mojo Rhythm 6c, Aztec Ruler 16c, and Live To Tell 13c.

The lack of regulation means the corps can basically deduct whatever they like.
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    Without delving too deep into it I have held an opinion that Sportsbet were always heavy handed in deductions compared to other corps. BET 365 were not as severe but they have closed my account. Haha.  :-q

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