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  • BushbookieBushbookie    140 posts
    Big Whispers in the US forums is that the Dems might be replacing Vice President Kamala Harris with Michelle O' Bama as Bidens Vice President running mate in the 2024 POTUS Election . Makes Sence to know your voting for OBama even though Bidens on the Ticket as # 1 .
  • thefalconthefalcon    20,063 posts
    Ms. Harris has been invisible for some time so the above observations do make sense.
    the trouble is rumour has it that Michelle distains us white folk..a VP cannot have that attitude.
  • H-BOMBERH-BOMBER    10,339 posts
    "big Mike"


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  • RodentRodent    7,121 posts
    Joe back in to $2.86. Interesting move.
  • BushbookieBushbookie    140 posts
    Some POTUS pollsters reporting that polling is picking up that Reaganite Law and Order Republican Voters turning on Trump with his statements after his guilty verdict . They are OK with him crititizing the Judge and Prosecutor for being bent but are against him bigtime for calling out the 12 person jury as being all democratic on the take criminals . With the current climate of political state based prosecutions the Reaganites see the Jury system as the peoples last defence against political gangsterism.
  • meatpiemeatpie    461 posts
    Think Michelle's gunna tighten up in the betting after that. Too old
  • BushbookieBushbookie    140 posts
    Out at the Jundah Camel races , who won the debate.
  • BushbookieBushbookie    140 posts
    Checked Betfair , Looks like Tuco the Rat collecting early . Biden out the door to $5 plus .Must have totally stuffed it up . Them Faceless Democrats on the phones bigtime now . Newsom into $8.
  • RodentRodent    7,121 posts
    I can cash out for $500 profit but dementia patients only get worse so I'll let it ride.
  • BushbookieBushbookie    140 posts
    Dont cash out , you was right . Did'nt see the interview but hes finished . Dems are stupid for not setting up a contender 2 years ago ffs .
  • RodentRodent    7,121 posts
    Cash out is up to $589 now. I think Joe is slip sliding away.
    Today the democrats finally realise what a Numpty Biden is. Never mind the last 4 years he has been shite for 50 years. On day one he opened the border and 20 million (that they know about)... Nearly two thirds of the Australian population of  unchecked illegals from a multitude of countries including China  have flooded the USA

    The Labor twat in the Uk... Trump in the USA...Liberals in Australia. Treble is a certainty.

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  • thefalconthefalcon    20,063 posts
    not too sure about the last one, slip. too early for markets..
  • BushbookieBushbookie    140 posts
    Tories aint no certainty in Australia , Greens and Teals will give their preferences 100% to Labor after the Creep Duttons Nuclear Power platform . Labor back in easily in a minority government . Christ who would vote a dodgey ex copper in .
  • spinkingspinking    3,804 posts
    When did the US presidential campaign or US politics ever become sport. Seriously
  • BushbookieBushbookie    140 posts
    Jesus Christ , just watched the Election debate for the first time , Christ Biden was deadset embarressing , how the hell have the Democrat leadership allowed him to get this far . As a Bookie looking at the debate and framing a market from just it Trump should be $1.01 in the running and Biden write your own ticket . But looking at Sunday 10pm Betfair odds Trumps odds have barely moved at all . He was $1.80 as the debate got under way and now two and a half days later is $1.76 . Going on exit polling of undecided voters in the USA on the debate ,97% of them are saying Biden and Trump both failed in the debate . This market is showing its a anyone but TRUMP election to the %10 of the undecided voters in the 6 swing states .
  • BushbookieBushbookie    140 posts
    Looking at the Network exit polls of who won the POTUS debate and am totally buffaloed by the result. The Poll showed that 67% of voters said Trump won the debate and 33% said Biden won ffs . Talk about one eyed footy supporters. Even though Trump was hopeless and never gave any detailed policy on any issue how anyone could say Biden won is is just mystifying .
  • RodentRodent    7,121 posts
    The exposing of Biden's dementia is now a Democrat tactic to put pressure on him to move aside. They have made the decision and he won't be there. 
     Take MSNBC's Morning Joe's Joe Scarborough for example. In March he was telling us all how brilliant Biden was. Now he is saying they should look at replacing him. The puppets in the fake news media have been told what to say.

  • H-BOMBERH-BOMBER    10,339 posts
    Looking more and more like the fix is in on the swap out of Joe. They've got to get through Jill of course who more and more is displaying a taste for the limelight.

    Could they swap in Kamala and bring big Mike in off the bench?? The Obama's will have a finger in this somehow.

    Either way, it has all been written. A deep dive into Pat Macafee tells you that. September was the prediction for the Biden swap out. The future is written till 2030 at least.

    It's fascinating. Hope we don't all become enslaved or kill each other in the mean time.

  • BushbookieBushbookie    140 posts
    Dems finally seeing the big picture today going by the Betfair odds , Biden and Kamala close to the same odds ($8.00) . Trump still at 4/6 . Would love to see Whitmer debating Trump , watching her on youtube she would carve him up and get him on tilt .
  • RodentRodent    7,121 posts
    edited July 3
    I'm on Whitmer at just over 100-1 and she's currently $29. That'd do me. The left loving media have done me a great favour in hiding Joe's dementia for so long. Free money.
  • RodentRodent    7,121 posts
    Trump      $1.66
    Biden       $8.20
    Harris       $9.40
    Newsom  $15
    Obama    $24
    Whitmer   $29
  • ManchildManchild    741 posts
    Whitmer has destroyed her state of Michigan, so if she were to run for POTUS then her past may come back to bite in the back side.
  • RodentRodent    7,121 posts
    Kamala Harris $7.80 
    Joe Biden        $8.80 :))
  • BushbookieBushbookie    140 posts
    Trump out to $1.74. This has always been a ANYONE but Biden and Trump election to the %55 of non Maga voters . She may be a hopeless figurehead candidate but shes 59 years old and that will be enough. Looking at her record shes a worker behind the scenes on tons of policy .

  • RodentRodent    7,121 posts
    Kamala  $6.20
    Joe         $10
    Newsom $18
    Obama   $24
    Whitmer  $30

    Trump  $1.73
  • BushbookieBushbookie    140 posts
    Should be a easy ARB on the fair between Trump and Harris but the Democratic Party is that Inept and hopeless you just cant risk it . Christ the Dem Leadership Group must be some of the weakess people in World Politics history . After Bidens debate if that was Australian politics , Biden would be out of the Lodge in 24 hours and the Deputy PM in the seat . Every news Agency in the world is screaming for Biden to Chuck it in and anyone who watched the debate knew 10 minutes in Biden was toast . The huge giveaway is Biden wont front any press conferences now where he will be torn apart limb by limb . Jesus Christ , Why would you be taking Hunters advice in this political climate ffs , just like throwing roast meat under Trumps cagedoor .
  • RodentRodent    7,121 posts
    Trump     $1.68
    K Harris  $5.70
    Joe          $11
    Obama    $26
    Whitmer   $27
    Newsom   $30
  • RodentRodent    7,121 posts
    I cashed out. Only won just over $500.
    I was getting a bit obsessed and wanted to move on with my life.

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  • BushbookieBushbookie    140 posts
    Hes finished after that gaff , calling Zelensky Putin ffs infront of the NATO MEMBERS . If the Dem mobiles are'nt ringing around immediately to tap him on the shoulder their stuffed . Odd on him blew a point in 30 seconds .
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