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OK PTT'ers, I'm throwing out  some tips for tomorrow.
Never imagined in my life I could ever be an owner of a racehorse.
But sometimes miracles happen, and we get lucky. 
Having a heart attack led to a most fortunate opportunity, and now I find myself alive and off to the races tomorrow to support 2 horses i have a 5% share of. 
So groovers, if you see a bloke going off his nut tomorrow shouting for his horses, fair chance that could be me. 
The 2 horses are.........

Race 4....Manzor Magic
Race 9....Lieutenant Dunbar

Feel free to ride them home with me.
Something for the battlers. 
[-O< :-bd \:D/ :x


  • BobcatBobcat    166 posts
    Good luck Rusty. Great to catchup with you at Northam back in August. 

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  • spinkingspinking    3,745 posts
    Good to see the emoji man back. Good luck with them tomorrow Rusty
  • ThunderstruckThunderstruck    7,687 posts
    edited February 20
    Good luck Rusty.
    Manzor drawing the pole may not be ideal(there may be a plan to race on speed idk)but he looks a likely type to get over ground for the ownership group mate.

    Punters, monitor how Memory Parade fairs in R10(I like the A Lot colt A Lot Of Good Men to return to the winners stall in that contest)to get a guide on Icebergs in the lucky last.With even luck in running it can roll the fav who also looks a decent 3yo..Premium Girl ran a close 2nd in that same potentially hot form race.

    "Harry" Bosch is good odds in the same race, wish I knew how the trainer rated his two runners, currently a big gap in price between the two.

    *Been around for a good while now but if you haven't watched the TV series of the same name do so, it's an absolute ripper.

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  • VoodooVoodoo    1,238 posts
    H Bosch looks a promising type to get over a journey....nice run ...

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  • ThunderstruckThunderstruck    7,687 posts
    Worth the wait, Holly just box seats and gathers up the leader.

    VERY nice by run Harry too charging home from well back, he was well over the odds.

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