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up to race 6 and troy turner has not ridden a winner which is very odd, he loves geraldton and that town race track loves him. on a couple of roughies in the last 2..will he crack it?


  • RodentRodent    7,037 posts
    Some big form reversals there today. The market seemed to know they would improve too.
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    Bartime last two starts last with elevated heart rate so I presume the Pope Mobile like Goldilocks got it just right this time today. Laughable.
  • ThunderstruckThunderstruck    7,687 posts
    I'll use this thread to give the kid a pat on the back, after a fairly lean period I suppose it's fair to say and often with limited opportunities Austy Galati steered home 4 winners from his 6 rides today

    Nice effort, keep working hard and punching them home champ.

    May his form continue there for the foreseeable future and especially on Cup day next month.

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  • RodentRodent    7,037 posts
    It's a real shame he didn't get his act together as a rider 6 months earlier. He would have ridden a heap of city winners claiming 3kg. He would have made plenty of $$$

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  • ThunderstruckThunderstruck    7,687 posts
    No racing posts for 2 days..is anyone out there? Bloody hell.

    As i'm going to the Gero cup meeting i've been doing extra form and will continue to do so from today's meeting obviously.

    From the meeting on 17/3 I marked 10 horses to watch/follow :

    Bondi Plunge
    Charlie Jane
    Egg White (cup roughie)
    Spirit Man
    Uni Queen
    Well Played
    What A Prince

    8 have raced since, 7 at todays meeting and Bondi Plunge won at Belmont on a 3 day back-up

    What a belter of a race the final cup lead up was, What A Prince leading them up with 60(and going from 12 to 2100)was bloody enormous, only getting nabbed very late.
    Fair to say the experiment to see if he can get a trip may pay off bigtime for Barry Newnham! I had marked Uni Queen my top pick but might be jumping ship to the Prince.

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  • ThunderstruckThunderstruck    7,687 posts
    *Bondi's Future I meant not Bondi Plunge.
  • RodentRodent    7,037 posts
    I had a decent day on the punt. The only bad race I had was the upheld protest. Ouch.

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  • ManchildManchild    696 posts
    Its a hard way to get a $ betting on Gerro Rodent.
  • RodentRodent    7,037 posts
    Manchild said:

    Its a hard way to get a $ betting on Gerro Rodent.

    True but we had 6 fixed odds faves and a tote fave win out of 7 races. Form held up well.

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  • ManchildManchild    696 posts
    That unusual, form usually all over the place. 
  • MuldoonMuldoon    322 posts

    *Bondi's Future I meant not Bondi Plunge.

    Not the only one with a slip Thunder, in one race we galah's in the pre-amble & then a bird in a race that wasn't actually there.

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