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GP- Chandon 4yo Classic (Gp3)

Harness & Greyhounds
Race 1-   Xceptional Arma,  Water Lou,  In A Wink,  Atlantic Gem
Race 2-   Ira Poole,  Mighthavtime,  State Of Heaven,  Bee Jays Boy
Race 3-   Tiger Royal,  Flying Rumour,  Onesmartfella,  Ifeel Sikdarl
Race 4-   Franco Ecuador,  Arma Einstein,  Pinny Tiger,  Alcopony
Race 5-   Hotly Pursued,  Rolling Fire,  Hale Saint Louie,  Holy Hecka
Race 6-   Hector,  Lucca,  Lady Prima Donna,  Otis
Race 7-   Steno,  Wonderful To Fly,  Beyond The Sea,  Rumour Has It
Race 8-   Wasa Heat Seeker,  Haywire,  Cowboys n Bandits,  Lamandier
Race 9-   Ardens Horizon,  Soho Santorini,  Watts Up Sunshine,  Showpony
Race 10- Major Corrida,  Terror In Texas,  Maddy Rocks,  Alfredi

R1- Alexandra Thegreat
R2- Storm The Beach
R3- Henwood Bay
R4- Bazaar Package
R5- Chasing Hill
R6- Thomson Bay
R7- On The Back Foot
R8- Pecunious

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  • MarkovinaMarkovina    2,975 posts
    edited February 23
    Had a reasonable look at both WA meetings , dont fancy anything at Albany unfortunately 

    GP i do like one , this was a sensational run last start - in Race 2  , horse 10  State of Heaven @ $11 E/W . - ran 2nd 3 wide from the 1000 finally  into the breeze  and for 2100 1.54.7  - 56.3 - finished 2nd

    The fave Ira Poole $1.50 , it beat 2nd raters last start it didnt beat Frid night calibre horses , thus miles up in grade , it did run quick time i will give it , but it didnt fly the gate , and from barrier 5 i think its got the job ahead  of it   and i dont think it will run in the 1st 4 

    Just 1 other observation races 8 and 10 at GP and there are some ok horses competing - eg Terror in Texas is a decent/nice horse - those 2 races they are racing for exactly the same prizemoney as that terrible Maiden race ( bar 1 horse ) the final race - race 8 at Albany tonight  being 9.3k stakemoney 

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  • GilgameshGilgamesh    4,793 posts
    R2 Post Game. Its win first up was far from impressive but i've quite liked its held up run since, push forward take a spot and go bang around $10.

    R5 No10 Rolling Fire. Getting out now to around 7/2. Was huge first up, can follow the fave through early sit outside it and give it a real race.

    R8 No6 Cowboys and Bandits 1by4 type bet. Realisitically i do like the 1 but it is far too short, can get keen in it's races and possibly bring itself undone. Looking back through the form there was a race where if clear Cowboys would have zapped it. Far different scenario here but just at the price i want to go that way

    R10 No12 Priddah. Couple of dollars ew at 100/1+ here-fan of the horse the ones at the top of the betting may just get over excited early and create the boilover.


    R3 Tinseltown best bet. Really happy to be on here at the $13 particularly back to the short trip.

    Obviously couple of dollars EW Shesaluckypenny for FOMO reasons.

    Good luck all.

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  • GilgameshGilgamesh    4,793 posts
    Just to double back on something from a few months ago.

    Shane Young, $1.10 fave on his back, horse that will stick on all day in the breeze, zero run on horses further back in the field.

    Runs a sub 27 3rd quarter once again opening up the field allowing the fave the world perfect run essentially handing it the win on a plate.


    It's his horse and he can do what he wants but he had done everything possible to give himself a winning chance and then just chucks it in the bin. Over and over and over again. You dont have to make it so the best horse wins use your tactical advantage.

    End of rant.

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