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Ben Yole and company had their appeals to being "warned off" upheld yesterday due to it seems incompetence and taking actions outside of their statutory authority by Tas Racing.

They are a rule making body, not a rule enforcing body and in warning off, they over stepped their role, in "setting up" an investigative stewards panel to hear good cause why Yole shouldn't be warned off, they overstepped their authority and in warning off without going through due process, they denied Yole natural justice. He is free to resume all activity in Tasmanian Harness Racing.

This basically rules out any further action based on the Murrihy Report, it renders his work a waste of time as it will be argued long and strong that the chances of Yole ever getting a "fair" hearing are zilch. Breathtaking incompetence from Tas Racing.


  • sonnysonny    1,136 posts
    Not surprised. The Tassie Gov. needs him for Tassie racing..Hopefully Vic/N.S.W will not accept his noms.. Dont know if they can do that..
  • savethegamesavethegame    2,857 posts
    Do remember trainer Geoff Small was outta control jn N.Z one club refused his horse nominations, Don't know how it all finished up for him.
  • JayJayJayJay    7,764 posts
    I think gone are the days when a club can refuse nominations. With central controlling bodies superseding the control that clubs once had, such a move would have to come from the controlling body, most of whom are QUANGO's and all of whom would have due processes to follow.

    Clearly Tas Racing have operated way outside their jurisdiction and not followed due process, as confirmed by the Appeal Boards ruling to put aside the warning off notices, and the ensuing chaos rests solely on their inept shoulders. Yole will have no case to answer.
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    Disqualified trainer to father or wife. WA examples include from wife to Chris Voak and in racing Geoff Durrant to Adam
  • MarkovinaMarkovina    2,975 posts
    I have stuck up for Ben Yole re team driving stuff , because i saw little of it - given the multitude of runners he had in each race etc - and i notice his father W Yole had about 20 runners in Hob Sunday including 7 in 1 race 

    However if you read the Ray Murrihy report properly , one  thing in it will absolutely sink Ben Yole - and i think becvause of it , there is a fair chance that he will end up still  warned off 

    And that is Corey Bell a talented young driver - actually training a few for Aaron Bain at present . But Bell dominated the NSW Riverina , would  have won multiple driving premierships - probably 100 plus winners a year - when he teamed up with Shaun Snudden - who i believe later became a NSW Trots steward 

    But Bell worked for Yole for a short period in Tassie , drove some winners for him 

    And Corey Bell gave Ray Murrihy a signed statement saying that Yole in a particular race , requested him to drive a Yole runner  in a disadvantage way to that horse to  help another Yole  stablemate in that race  

    That signed statement of Coery Bells will utterly sink Ben Yole - to get off these charges , he has to get around that , and i think that is impossible

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  • G-MacG-Mac    1,586 posts
    The most troubling thing to come out of the investigation was the images showing the state of his property. He shouldn't be allowed to keep a cat, let alone racehorses. 

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  • MuldoonMuldoon    344 posts

    Disqualified trainer to father or wife. WA examples include from wife to Chris Voak and in racing Geoff Durrant to Adam

    Son to Dad in racing just in the last year.
  • OffthebitOffthebit    606 posts
    After reading a couple of articles today it looks like old mate Ben yole is on borrowed time.
    Good riddance…..animal cruelty is not on!!

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  • MarkovinaMarkovina    2,975 posts
    Yeah the Supreme Court  ruled that Tas Racing were perfectly legally within their rights to warn those 4 off . So what the Appeals board ruled the Supreme Court has knocked on the head - and i think Yole and the other 3 have got to Friday to say why they shouldnt be permanently warned off 

    In the wake of this 1 good thing Tas harness have done is limit to a max of 4 runners for any trainer in the 1 race - where as Yole could have previously 9-10-11 runners in the 1 race

    One thing WA Trotting could do and i think it would be money well spent is get Ray Murrihy to do a total review of WA Harness racing - even RWWA interaction and how it operates with . It . Rays report was 1st class into Tassie harness and he did cover things like handicapping and competitive racing 

    How i look at it , WA Harness is presently sitting on the bones of its aarse , become totally irrelevant , i mean we have a Luna Park , fun park i think in StKilda , im pretty sure there is another one in Milsons Point in Sydney , and we dont want for the cost of 27 million another Luna Park at Gloucester Park in East Perth

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  • savethegamesavethegame    2,857 posts
    Yole had 60 percent of runners for race meetings, had 4,250 starters last season which is almost 4,000 more then his nearest Tasmanian competitor.
    The four horse policy will not apply to feature races with prizemoney greater then 30k, races that are finals from heats and for horses two and three year olds.

    Hoping it's the back end of the vermin.

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