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Winning Rupert/ Luke Fernie

West Australian Racing
Luke Fernie looks to have purchased sire Winning Rupert today on the online sale for $80,000.

maybe reading it wrong but geez that could be a clever investment.


  • DamienWyerDamienWyer    7,675 posts
    He should recoop that fairly quickly as he presents an interesting outcross to so many mares in WA. However, he is a known commodity that has poor fertility statistics that would concern me with a broodmare if he could get her in foal. That being said, $80,000 is an easy price to pay for a shot at the stumps. The farm he stands would now determine his future in real terms.

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  • RodentRodent    7,037 posts
    edited February 29
    Rupert has only had 3 stakeswinners (2 Listed and 1 Grp 3), with the last SW born in 2019.
  • savethegamesavethegame    2,798 posts
    Alfred Nobel had double at Bunbury yesterday Luciani brought for 9k so anything is possible.
  • RodentRodent    7,037 posts

    Alfred Nobel had double at Bunbury yesterday Luciani brought for 9k so anything is possible.

    Bought it for 9k in June 2019 and sold it for 1k in Dec 2020. It served 7 mares in 2019 and none in 2020. If I Din Havadime was one of the results of the 2019 matings and it has won 150k including bonuses.
     It covered 3 mares in 2021 and got 1 live foal.

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  • reloadwareloadwa    21 posts
    Rodent, all over it mate!
  • Vincent_vegaVincent_vega    472 posts
    Luke is proving himself to be a shrewd operator. Looking at multiple ways to make a quid, you have to applaud that. Best wishes with the stallion.

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  • shothrushothru    243 posts
    Or eddie bought it

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  • thefalconthefalcon    19,986 posts
    one of ruperts mares won in sydney on saturday.
    every win counts....
  • meatpiemeatpie    413 posts
    Group 3 winner today in Sydney
  • thefalconthefalcon    19,986 posts
    he might have got a bargain and a half...
  • GoddGodd    199 posts
    What will be service price
  • ManchildManchild    696 posts
    He last stood for $7700.00 Grandview stud
  • DamienWyerDamienWyer    7,675 posts
    The importance of the sheer number of mares a Stallion gets can't be understated. 

    Managing his fertility would be the first task and more mares can't hurt. 

    I would market him at $5,500.

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