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Stawell Gift has banned Bookies

BushbookieBushbookie    47 posts
Just reading that the Stawell Gift Committee has banned all On Course Bookmakers from this years 2024 Stawell Gift . The reason is that they have to protect the Integrety of professional running . Granted the bookies on track has done themselves no favours in the recent past by betting crazy %180 markets on the various heats and finals it was still a good way for the public to have a interest on track . Just another final nail being hammered in the On Course Bookies Coffin .


  • tonytony    2,369 posts
    Reason is Victorian rules now prohibit betting on under 18 athletes in individual events.

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  • BushbookieBushbookie    47 posts
    Torrential Downpour at Stawell , Park under water at moment , gunna be Super Heavy track. Even the channel 7 coveeage keeps cutting in and out its that heavy .
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