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  • JayJayJayJay    7,764 posts
    Going on past rationalisations, that is precisely what will happen Moonraker, Farming families with a few mares in the paddock, and others who leased the yearlings that didn't sell in the sale or whom tried horses that breeders considered not up to standard left in droves. The North Eastern and Great Southern regions lost dozens of families, along with the bloodlines that produced conga lines of champion horses. It devastated the industry and it has never recovered and the powers that be wish to take us down that road again. As Albert would say, Insanity, complete insanity.

    Not only the hobby trainers but also a number of full time trainers (with many in their stable "owner/trainer" type lower class horses) and whom have smaller less financial owners as stable clients, will also be heading for the exits. People are not going to pay up for their battler to get his brains kicked in at Pinjarra or Bunbury by one of the very financial power stables.

    The interests of the Industry as a functioning and viable operation must take precedence over the self interest groups that currently call the shots for their own benefit and their own benefit alone.

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  • warrenrobinsonwarrenrobinson    114 posts
    One thing to remember 85% of our industry are hobbyist, out of the 15% left 80% of them only think they are.
  • Rocket_ReignRocket_Reign    868 posts

    One thing to remember 85% of our industry are hobbyist, out of the 15% left 80% of them only think they are.

    Surely someone like you wouldn’t be throwing fire at someone’s training ability

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  • warrenrobinsonwarrenrobinson    114 posts
    No No Cisco just delivering facts.
  • warrenrobinsonwarrenrobinson    114 posts
    I'm  just a self funded retiree having a bit of fun.
  • Vincent_vegaVincent_vega    511 posts
    edited March 20
    The problem with the sport is its boring as bat sh:t. Too many leaders and short price favs win making it a snore-fest for punters.
    Cannot remember the last time ive seen a driver light one up from the rear with a lap and a half to go declaring it on! You used to see it often, now days, nothing.

    Everyone seems so content with leaving the favourite in front running 31 sec sectionals (or slower) and running for 4th place. Thats not a sport - its non competitive behaviour, and let me tell ya, it has a stink on it. You will not get the punting dollar doing it that way.

    Anyway, thats my simple but honest opinion. Ive been an owner and would go to the trotts at least twice a month, now i dont go or punt on it at all. Im in my 40s so not an old timer either.
  • savethegamesavethegame    2,857 posts
    Couple horses from early eighties no champions , remember them making races interesting the drivers --- Frank Bratovich with Rivergum Prince in middle of winter with grill on the helmet in the mud with we are here to race attitude wouldn't have been out place at claremont with Chum Taylor.
    . Do remember other horse Smithdale Lad one occassion with driver thinking it was Sleepy Bill ? looking across sitting three deep the trip as if to say i will do youse slowly. still won --- Both by Racy Prince some of his stock didn't need a appointment with Christiaan Barnard.

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  • MarkovinaMarkovina    2,975 posts
    Racy Prince hey  i can remember the glowing attributes if that is the right phrase - some sires just had that aura about them - because of the characteristics of their offspring 

    Look the WA scene it is a bit too matey at present 

    I used to sit on that Bird Cage corner , thus i never missed a beat 

    One night turning into the back straight , Trevor Warwick and Chris Lewis honestly youd think it was the Welterweight title fight of Aust , Lewis was most upset shaking his head vigorously where as Trevor looked quite chuffed about proceedings , ive just evened the score - hah 

    Phil Coulson sat Gary Hall snr on his aarse . Mild mannered Fred Kersley went beserk a couple of times  , he went worse off than Nick Kyrgios after he got a bad umpire call after Jimmy The Jet Schrader gave him the short back and sides in a couple of big races . And when Kersley was screaming out the abuse , which was water on a ducks back to Schrader , Jimmy had that look on his face , sunken eyes and all as to say , have you got a problem have you mate 

    Lou Austin was a very aggressive driver , so was Greg Harper when he drove , they where real competitive and definitely not shrinking violets , and there were plenty of others exactly like them 
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