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Bunbury Cup Saturday.

Harness & Greyhounds
The field is well worth a discussion.
Any views. 
2 off the best runs in the Mount Eden Sprint 
Swingband and Valentines Brook hold a strong hand.


  • FrogFrog    32 posts
    The best run in the Pinjarra cup, 
    Ideal Agent won the Mount Eden sprint.

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  • FrogFrog    32 posts
    How does someone come off the fence ? when going to run 1st or 2nd to being held up ? Happens too much in WA. Some must hate money..........
  • MarkovinaMarkovina    2,975 posts
    Just watched a replay of the Bunbury Cup , i hadnt seen it before , won some very nice money the previous Sunday , thus got over confident and had a horror week on the punt , so come Sat night i needed a spell from the old giddy goat ( tote)

    But the Bunbury Cup that was a very good race 

    My observations , the best run in the race was the winner , it did a fair bit of work 3 wide to get the breeze - and it was in the breeze for over a lap , so all credit goes to the winner 

    The 2nd best run in the race was Larvoe Joe , beaten just over 2 metres , they came home in 55.8 , and everyone knows how hard it is to make ground out wide at Bunbury , came from by 1 by 4 and was interfered with at the bell , sensational run and in my opinion was probably its career best effort , given the track and sectionals and where it came from 

    As for J  Young not opting for the sprint lane , id give her the benefit of the doubt . Some sprint lanes , like Bendigo and AP - they are nice and spacious and give the impression 5-6 horses could get through their . Where as the Bunbury one looks cramped - and i reckon she thought  i havent got enough time  to get through ,  even if it ends up their is enough room to get through which was no guarntee , Pinny Tiger did get through but it is much easier in hindsight of course
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