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Good Punting Friday

West Australian Racing
Remember when Good Friday absolutely sucked? Now TABs are open and you can drink **** at breweries.

I really like In Good Order in the main race today, I think he's prime and a nice price at $9. Hopefully they make it a staying test but I won't hold my breath.

R2. Beltaofasong
R4. Be Awesome (forget last start)
R6. Justamiddy
R8. China Spirit

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    Kalgoorlie R2 Fleur Delacour though a lot shorter in price than my usual selections is the Easter Best Bet.

    To tie in with the Easter theme I am expecting form resurrections from these :)

    R3 Big Swoop & Wheatstack Thief . Either could steal it
    R4 Arrow Song could hit the target
    R5 Fruit Loops a crazy each way chance
    R6 Though His Eminence looks obvious Invictus Domini to inject some latin love. Saver on Magic Whistle who could blow them away.
    R7 Stablemates Bucket Ridge and Royal Toronado
    R8 Lucky's Way and Dark Looks should be right there. Flash Ducati & Selby Park improvers

    R2 Fleur Delacour
    R3 Right to Silence
    R5 Total Lockdown
    R6 Dancing Jack
    R7 She's A Machine with Dukeiam each way at odds

    Happy Easter to all....Now overtime for some Cadbury Creme Eggs :x

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  • psychopsycho    654 posts
    Huge crowd out there today, with lots and lots of ankle biters making a bucket load of noise but thinking all had a good time
  • ManchildManchild    696 posts
    I saw a lady a little under the weather taken out in a trolly , and speaking of buckets, she had one as well

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