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Pity he didn't die 31 years ago. It was the hugest travesty of justice.  I agree with Caitlyn. Read below.

Caitlyn Jenner has broken her silence over the death of OJ Simpson simply saying in a social media post: 'Good Riddance.'

Jenner, 74, - whose ex-wife Kris Jenner was a close friend of OJ Simpson and his late wife Nicole - posted the reaction on X, formerly Twitter, on Thursday to her 3.3million followers. 


  • BushbookieBushbookie    140 posts
    Still cant believe 12 jury people stuffed up OJs trial . As Guilty as anyone ever but turned into a racial trial . Seemed like every Afro- American had him Not Guilty and Everyone else Guilty . Come down to him trying to get his hand into a dried out bloodsoaked shunken black glove ffs .
    Re the glove. In addition his lawyer told him to stop taking his arthritis medication for his hands and therefore his knuckles swelled up.

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