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Tyson - Jake Paul Fight - Easy Money .

BushbookieBushbookie    140 posts
Tyson desperate for money fighting Jake Paul in Texas on the 21st July . Tyson ( 58 years old on fight day) is $2.78 on the fair and Paul  ( 27 years old ) $1.60. Christ No Wonder Sports Bookies drive Rollers and Sports Punters get around in 30 year old Holdens with a million Ks on the dial . 58 ffs  , bad back , no reflexes , footwork like walking though glue , no power and no snap in punches , zero cardio ,  NO PUNCH RESISTANCE , chuffs 2 to 3 onzes of weed a day against a young half decent  , totally fit ( lives in gym ) boxer with good power . Paul will be cautious for as long as  it takes to see he can hit Tyson with every punch he throws . Tyson was totally shot 20 years ago against Williams and McBride . Get on .


  • spinkingspinking    3,804 posts
    It is a boxing match (apparently). Anything could and would happen. Can’t understand how they have even sanctioned it. 2 minute rounds big gloves fcucken joke. Still wouldn’t want to wear a Tyson uppercut though. Least he was a world champion the other bloke made his fame from YouTube go figure
  • Vincent_vegaVincent_vega    511 posts
    I love boxing, but these social media fighters need to be given the ass. Only hurt the aport in my opinion. However, everyone has got the right to earn and Jake Paul sells fights. I wont be watching tho.
  • BushbookieBushbookie    140 posts
    Fight off
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