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I know it didn't have much room but Pont's casual effort definitely cost Busters Free 4th spot. Serial offender.
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  • DillingerDillinger    47 posts
    reckon a blind eye will take notice of it ...
    I reckon the 2nd horse in the last has the same problem..
  • DillingerDillinger    47 posts
    Not the last.. 2nd last ... woops..
  • FlandersFlanders    1,232 posts
    Dillinger said:

    Not the last.. 2nd last ... woops..

    I thought the same. Jags seemed to be a little casual the last 50m to be honest
  • RodentRodent    7,118 posts
    edited June 5
    Wow, I had a little on Royal Elite and was so busy watching it I hadn't noticed the level of vigour on Cruise To Rio. In his defence he had been at it for a long time. Just seemed to lack desperation in the last few strides.
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