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TAB Cover Up Stories

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  • MrDigbyMrDigby    48 posts
    Here's a very interesting story about a man that attempted to rob 4 TAB shops during only a few weeks. It all started at the Beaufort St TAB - landmark The Beaufort Pub, the pub which was owned by Macca an old VFL player at the time when I owned the TAB there in the early 90's. The holdups that took place there came some years later, around 2010 when it was no longer a franchise and the TAB started to manage it.
    First hold up at Beaufort St one night, he waited for the TAB female staff member to go to the toilet, then he jumps the counter and gets away with $6k to $7k. The staff member had no idea until she started doing a cash balance after closing that night. The robber must have thought to himself that was just far too easy, so he returned to the scene of the crime the very next night for another go - same result, jumps counter and gets away with an undisclosed sum of money.
    Must have thought to himself that he wouldn't stretch his luck at the Beaufort St TAB. Within days he robs the Hay St TAB in the same fashion, near Her Majesty's. Not long after, he is caught be the police and goes to court - but is released and gets fined for stealing. He wasn't too hard to find as he is completely bald.
    After all hold ups TAB head office always sends out to all agencies warning messages to be vigilant. He enters the East Perth agency, one night when I was working. He had a bet and obviously to suss the place out for more robbery attempts - but he left the agency. He returned the night after when another male staff member was on. He spends an hour in the agency and waits to close the closing time. He reaches down and pulls out a knife from his sock, jumps the counter and the staff member grabs his arm and pulls me down. On the way down he hits his head on the edge of the counter cutting his head and is thrown right back smashing against the back counter. He quickly gets up and grabs an undisclosed sum of money and sprints out of the agency. Police come to the scene of the crime and the TAB sends out a representative to investigate the armed holdup. The TAB rep staggers in **** as, can hardly stand up. The police asked who the hell is this hahahahaha and quickly tells him to go sit down. That rep is still working in the organisation as Chief Wagering Officer.
    Robber gets caught and I think he did around 18 months jail term.
    Few days later the Agents of the agency get called into head office for an interview. They are told by the TAB that they want the TAB staff member sacked, because they didn't like the way he handled the holdup. The staff member wasn't offered any help at all after going through the horrible ordeal of being attacked with a knife during the holdup. They only wanted him sacked.
    If it was a female staff member - the whole situation would have been handled in a much different way.

    Prior to the release of the criminal , a female police officer rings me to let me know and asks one question - would he be welcome back into the agency to bet. I couldn't believe what I was hearing.

    An extraordinary organisation!!!!

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  • MrDigbyMrDigby    48 posts
    The House of Horrors (East Perth) finally coming to an end next month. TAB sold the land. The TAB will be relocated a few hundred meters up the road in Hay st. God help who ever works there. Last week a Policeman came in and finally served the staff member and summoned to go to courts over the endless death threats that he has been receiving. Times never change in East Perth.
  • detonatordetonator    4,375 posts
    Anyone want to elaborate on the armed hold up at a Kalgoorlie Tab by a well known local identity years ago.
    I heard even though the robber was wearing a balaclava it didn`t stop the Tab manager from calling the armed robber by his first name and a few expletives and to stop being a d***head for what he was doing. Lol  
  • savethegamesavethegame    2,857 posts
    Armed hold up four participants caught within a coupledays, getaway driver trained railway stakes winner another one finished up licensed bookmaker . Pretty much played out as you said Det .

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  • MarkovinaMarkovina    2,975 posts
    That sounds a bit like that Great Bookie robbery in the 70s , Melb club or Victoria Club heaps of cash where they all use to settle 

    One of the robbers with his mask on  said all on the floor or whatever and that includes you Ambrose , referring to the boxing trainer Ambrose Palmer who trained i think J Famechon or one of those World champs 

    Palmer knew the voice he didnt tip them into the Cops but from what i read years back he mentioned them to another set of gangsters , and gangsters are gangsters they all want their cut 

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  • MrDigbyMrDigby    48 posts

    Always been a bloody crime scene in East Perth, it’s just never ending. So many crimes there go unreported. That TAB car park has been absolutely horrendous over the years. Junkie shoot up hiding place for decades. Car’s broken into, fights, stabbings …it just never ends.
  • Vincent_vegaVincent_vega    511 posts
    Was there today and someone walks in the tab with a skin colour ski mask. Face totally covered except for eyes.
    Nobody batters an eye lid in there. Im like fark that im outta here

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