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Race 1-   Linebacker,  Whataretheodds,  Velocipede,  Rock Me Over
Race 2-   Youre So Fine,  Navy Street,  Alta Rhett,  Cloud Nine
Race 3-   Rocknroll Elliot,  Coney Island Lou,  Holy Hecka,  Arma Xfactor
Race 4-   Jett Star,  Steel The Show,  Arma Einstein,  The Code Breaker
Race 5-   Bramante Steps,  Soho Seraphine,  Wall Street Girl,  Little Darling
Race 6-   Soho Firestone,  Major Freeway,  Captain Bligh,  Chasing Hill
Race 7-   Lil Happy Fella,  Montana DJ,  Lusaka,  Rockmyster
Race 8-   Gee Smith,  The Wand Waver,  Elwaddell,  Chillin
Race 9-   Street Hawk,  Trouble Supreme,  Lucapelo,  Mikipelo
Race 10- Flying Rumour,  Infinite Sign,  Pierre Whitby,  Deeorse
Race 11- Water Lou,  Flybye Lou,  Spice Package,  Stellar Edition

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