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A disgrace. Homicidal drives to defeat a long odds on favourite. Drives that gave those who punted on them no hope. A severe blight on the sport. Suspensions should have been an eternity.


  • Chopchop43Chopchop43    172 posts
    So if drivers hand up to $1.10 pops and create a boring race the product gets crucified as being unattractive, if a driver decides he wants to keep the $1.10 fav posted and they go to war giving the horses at value back in the field a chance to win while also creating a rather entertaining race, they get crucified by members of the general public , not having a dig at anyone in particular as I found it a bit mind boggling watching the race live but as a driver your sort of damned if you do damned if you don't
  • sonnysonny    1,136 posts
    I think common sense prevails..

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  • Chopchop43Chopchop43    172 posts
    It does but I mean when people question why does everyone hand up to a $1.10 favourite and turn it in to a non contest that's exactly why, don't get stuck in a pointless war, hand up, earn a cheque and have a horse for next week
  • savethegamesavethegame    2,857 posts
    Different era old stewards without alot information regards individual horses preferred option of racing styles which is available on hand nowadays, going back in time would classify first to the rail with old possession rule being 9/10 of the law.

    This instance the two drives involved have driven against each other at least 2,000 times would rate in top ten drivers in state, full well knowing each other are aggressive drivers,.No doubt they full well know the oxygen debt doesn't get repaid, after 400 metres and further L/T 35.7
    irrespective whether your on odds-on chance or roughie.

    But if roughie is on outside of odds-on and lays the wood on it 3 months. would be right penalty nothing for odds-on.driver.

    For the Industry & punters the penalty is adequate but for credibility to the general public and the following these two drivers have
    . Would allow them to continue driving but 60% of what they earn to be donated to charity of there choice for duration of suspension.

    But for owners sake no Chopchop is the right answer. Cheque and horse next week.

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  • 2lifetimewinners2lifetimewinners    513 posts
    Jr Gets another 5 weeks with 2 week discount.
  • AbbysAceAbbysAce    584 posts

    Jr Gets another 5 weeks with 2 week discount.

    How can he get 2 weeks discount?

    For his good record?

    He got done for the same rule earlier in the night.
  • 2lifetimewinners2lifetimewinners    513 posts
    2 weeks to be served with his previous 5 weeks
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