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Rc2-Kings Sicario
Rc4-Famous Jurney
Rc6-Idyllic Ruler
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  • ChrisChris    5,292 posts
    Lots of each way all day value today. 

    R1. The Agency is over the odds
    R2. Snazzler
    R3. Desennea
    R4. Starring Knight
    R5. Petrouchka
    R6. Manzor Magic - good luck @rustyh
    R8. Goddess of Giving
    R9. Wonder Weapon to go on with it

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  • ManchildManchild    740 posts
    Hard day, if you like one you will get value .
  • rooboyrooboy    1,427 posts
    Good luck @rustyh as I have Idyllic Ruler in.
    Hope they both run well.

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  • rustyhrustyh    2,270 posts
    :)>- =D>
    Thanks heaps for the support fellas. 
    The fact that I own 5% of a horse in a Listed race worth $125,000 is crazy!
    Went out to Belmont hopeful and nervous but calm because racing is a funny game.
    Ideally we should have gone forward but hindsight is a beautiful thing.
    The time was 7 seconds outside the record.
    Lets see what happens in a fortnights time in the Belmont Classic.
    Being an Almanzor he should relish the extra distance.
    Really appreciate you guys being supportive, considering a lot of you are probably owners and have been for a while.
    Massive cheers PTT'ers. Really appreciate it. 
    I'm living a dream. Literally. 

    :x :-bd =D> >:D<
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