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UK Racecaller John Hunt - Tragedy

East Coast Racing


  • VoodooVoodoo    1,250 posts
    Sickening.....what a tuff situation for the poor bloke.
  • thefalconthefalcon    20,063 posts
    Dear Lord.......
  • MarkovinaMarkovina    2,977 posts
    Shocking , and maybe the ABC News might have made a mistake 

    Listened as allways in the car to their 7am news bulletin on the radio , about 6-7 minutes in , wasnt quite concentrating and the woman said blah blah , then she definitely said Perth racecaller John Hunt  , and something about England and something about his daughters 

    So i assumed it was John Hunt the ex GP Trots caller , but clicking SP link - the picture of John Hunt is not the Trots caller - but the woman reading the news im almost certain said Perth race caller John Hunt 
  • tonytony    2,389 posts
    Pretty sure you heard it wrongly marko as I heard the same news bulletin and definitely realised it was the UK caller

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