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Race & Trial replays

West Australian Racing
TucoolTucool    126 posts
G'day all,

Is there somewhere other than Perth racing to watch race and trial replays ?... I can't justify the over the top membership subscription just to watch an occasional race or trial.



  • H-BOMBERH-BOMBER    8,320 posts
    Not that I am aware of.

    I reckon if you attend Railway Day and Perth Cup and use PR.com then the membership is justified, but yes, just for replays its a bit steep.
  • rot8inrot8in    1,881 posts
    i record race replays on sky...but you dont get the trials(well i think sometimes you might?)

    maybe another case for Pr to look at pricing,,
    and while they at it....beer and food and entry
  • TheDivaTheDiva    12,572 posts
    if you want to get an account with victab you can get replays via skychannel.com.au
    might cost you more than the subscription on the punt tho! :lol:
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