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can any one please tell me if there is a time point cut off point for a pre race swab or can it be done anytime ????


  • thefalconthefalcon    17,051 posts
    what are you cooking up, cookie? :-?

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  • cookieespcookieesp    50 posts
    I was just wondering what the rules were as I was always under the impression it was 45mins before the start
  • TucoolTucool    126 posts
    anytime they feel like it, just grit your teeth and put up with it like we all do.
  • DarkhorseDarkhorse    666 posts
    edited January 2016

  • DarkhorseDarkhorse    666 posts
    None of the larger stables would be able to answer your question,  I have noticed it is a rare occasion they get called for a pre race swab.
    This observation is based on the number of starters for the larger more popular  stables.
    I doubt it is a fair and even playing field. 

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