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Bunbury Cup Day

West Australian Racing
A big day as always, expecting a big crowd this year.

Who do we like?


  • Ridersonthestorm33Ridersonthestorm33    10,463 posts
    Very tough and wide open the Cup. Here's five of them to put a line straight through!

    1. He's A Parker
    2. No Say In It
    3. Mycroft
    4. Elegant Blast
    Bolter - Burger Time.
  • udontknowudontknow    481 posts
    edited March 2019
    FOG. Loves the soft.
  • Ridersonthestorm33Ridersonthestorm33    10,463 posts
    The horse that powered home last start, put the big ones in late - will be interesting to see what he does today - No Say In It.
  • udontknowudontknow    481 posts
    udontknow said:

    FOG. Loves the soft.

    Or even better Prying Tom.

    Loves the track, the distance and the soft!

  • bradybrady    1,327 posts
    He's a Parker
    Like a Butterfly
  • JellJell    1,130 posts
    edited March 2019
    I think this is Prying Tom's best chance for a while. Loves the soft and will appreciate the speed injected into the race by Fathoms Of Gold and Cappo D'Oro.

    From memory they went relatively slow in the Detonator Stakes, so he was always going to struggle. He also didn't settle for the second time in blinkers, which I don't think suit him. They come off today and I think he can sit 2 or 3 wide with cover and run over the top late. I won't be having much on though in a very open race.

    If nothing is making ground, Fathoms Of Gold might re create his race against Perfect Reflection in the 2016 C.B Cox Stakes. Also Burger Time isn't the worst place bet at 6's but he looks to be plugging 3/4 wide without cover in this race.
  • H-BOMBERH-BOMBER    8,015 posts
    Good race the Bunbury Cup this year, many chances.

    It's the favs grand final and when they set one the stable are on the mark. Been running on 3 starts from a spell and looks as though peaking at the right time. I'd be way more confident of this was at the traditional 2200m. I think he'll sit handy compared to last 2 starts where has been last on the corner and running on. Also is 2/2 on the soft. Negatives for me are the 58.5 and hasn't graduated to beating the older horse after a breakout 3yo winter season. At 3.90 not enough in the positive column to confidently go with it. Prob wins untouched now

    The one I've singled out at decent each way odds is Let's Twist. In great form with the in form stable and jock, running second and sticking on last start against the class of the Perth Cup winner. Gets weight from a few of them except Like a Butterfly, who is also a chance but just a non winner for me. Let's Twist sits very handy from 4, I see it running 1 out 2 back behind a pretty hot pace by Fathoms of Gold. If on pace is the pace to be I see it getting the gun run and being in the finish in the last 100m.

    Fast finishers by He's a Parker and Mycroft in the mix with Come Play with Me, Cappo Doro and Like a butterfly sticking on.

    1. Let's Twist
    2. He's a Parker
    3. Mycroft
    4. Come Play with Me

    Good luck

  • ChelseaChelsea    1,358 posts
    No Say In It for me with 54kg,
    Best Each way for the day,Race 1 Palachino ????
    Best Bet Cockney Crew
  • JellJell    1,130 posts
    Love Trade blinkers on in the last also worth and each way. He won a similar race 4 starts ago when he was backed hard with Pike aboard.

    No Pike today but he looks the leader and with blinkers, I think they may try to lead all the way. Only query is his soft record but most of those races he wasn't beaten too far and it's only a soft 5 today.
  • ChrisChris    4,285 posts
    Wasn't he only backed because Pike got on? He was $81 before the late riding change.
  • JellJell    1,130 posts
    You'd think some of the money was purely because of the rider change but I find it hard to believe an $81 chance would be backed into $9.50 just because of Pike?

    The race before that he was 26 into 9.5, so I think perhaps they just like the horse when it runs over the 1200m at Bunbury.
  • JellJell    1,130 posts
    Just realised I referred to Love Trade as a "he" by mistake when she is in fact a Mare.

    8-} 8-} 8-}
  • ChrisChris    4,285 posts
    Strong money for the Parnham runner in the opener
  • H-BOMBERH-BOMBER    8,015 posts
    Others on the day

    Best each way Let's Twist as above

    Bedoiun Belle (best)
    Falion Machine (best roughie)
  • spinkingspinking    2,631 posts
    No say in it only bet for the day. At this stage
  • squid69squid69    1,412 posts
    Very open Cup today, I reckon Elegant Blast is worth a little EW investment.
  • ChrisChris    4,285 posts
    Bunno Cup attendees need a fave to get up early so that’ll hurt
  • RIORIO    14,266 posts
    I'll have an e/w on Lets Twist
  • JellJell    1,130 posts
    What a sh#tshow in R4.

    Two late scratching, bumped to sky 2 and then Shooter gets thrown off Ancient Joy. Hopefully he's OK.
  • JellJell    1,130 posts
    Of course I didn't have a cent on Burger Time! A few hard lucky stories from that I think.

    Prying Tom a good run after being 3 wide without cover the entire race. I must admit I was bullish at the 200m mark until someone shot him with the tranquilizer from the stands :-?

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  • Buddy123Buddy123    20 posts
    Burger Time took off at the 850m mark.. and sustained that to the line 4 to 5 wide..if he drew some sort of barrier would of won by 3..
  • thefalconthefalcon    16,589 posts
    would aaron know where the winners stall was?
    good on him..a great boost!!
  • detonatordetonator    2,077 posts
    Come Play With Me given every chance by Knuckey =))

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  • H-BOMBERH-BOMBER    8,015 posts
    Falion Machine a little bit stiff in the last at 20s

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  • Ridersonthestorm33Ridersonthestorm33    10,463 posts
    edited March 2019
    Prying Tom three wide the trip, fantastic effort. The winner also what a grinder - sustaining along run front last, looked to be a bit flat just after turning for home but then kept on coming.

    Recall seeing Burger Time win a midweek race at Belmont - it was the easiest win had ever seen since Might And Power won his Caulfield Cup!

    Gave them a chance but sort of veered away from my system of top weighted runners in these events but Cappo D'Oro and Prying Tom both ran extremely well. Close up third and fourth.
    Achernar Star #2 in the weights also did the job in the Stakes.

    Those more than handy and hardy "been there done that types" - will often run well, but a horse I fancied yesterday in No Say In It - 25 years ago he would have carried 48kgs - yesterday had 54kgs - it's a big difference.

    Good effort the up and comer He's A Parker thought was the winner at the furlong. Chris Parnham runner up in the Bunbury Stakes and Cup - seemed to be a big drifter in the betting He's A Parker.
  • silkysilky    304 posts
    H-BOMBER said:

    Falion Machine a little bit stiff in the last at 20s

    copped Kennedys whip over her nose a couple of times in the last 50
  • spinkingspinking    2,631 posts

    So did the winners **** apparently Silky old mate

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