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  • MarkovinaMarkovina    1,619 posts
    Just been watching ( not betting ) the 3 year old Vic Bred heats for colts and fillies at Kilmore tonight  - outstanding racing - the depth theve got over their - theve got a very healthy industry

    The most impressive heat winner for mine - was Im Sir Blake - it sat outside one of Emmas and just torched it

    It has got an interesting background- Robert Watson the WA bloke is listed as the breeder - however Tony Peacock who has a big stud himself in Vic - he bought the mare Jupiters Darling ( the mother of the ISB ) who was in foal - and he sold it as a yearling to the current owners . And Peacock said  Jupiters Darling is now in foal to Auckland Reactor- dont know if that foal has been sold or whatever

    Demon Delight was also super impressive in the heats

    They have got an industry covering all bases to be envious of
  • savethegamesavethegame    2,118 posts
    Marko. whats the problem with swan hill last night 7 race card 3 fields of 6, 4 fields of 5 runners,same for there may meeting ,there april meeting is only meeting that the tote paid 1,2,3, and then had only eight runners for four races, seems the moneys good.enough you follow vic.trots any reason
  • MarkovinaMarkovina    1,619 posts
    Mate - one meeting you picked out  !!!- they raced at Maryborough during the  same day - a couple of days a week they have dual meetings .

    Interesting over their - they have brought in (followed the lead of NSW ) a policy re elevated TCO reading but not over the limit

    In their policy they basically state - that the said horse has been stomach tubed on the day of the race -  but we cant charge you -as a result we will list all horses re elevated reading on our website - and at its subsequent races it must be oncourse 4 hours before its race time
  • savethegamesavethegame    2,118 posts
    Mate just notice with swan hill thought there maybe a distance issue, because what closed kalg. was tyranny of distance, which was the main reason given. No way it can help t/over six  horse fields.

    Great idea  with regards TCO, always believed that's the only way  they could prove ,and whats more anyone that's had a prior tco conviction should be made to be in detention for four hours for a period of 12months,if they are  relicenced,.
  • MarkovinaMarkovina    1,619 posts
    On that topic - Glen Douglass is in a bit of trouble over their - been charged with attempting to stomach tube a horse on the day of the race at Melton - not one of his - one of of Ellen Tormeys - who also has been charged

    And like they say - it never rains it pours - the 1st horse listed under that elevated TCO policy is one of Glenny boys -

    He might need Perry Mason to get out of this tangled mess - but he is innocent right at this point in time of course
  • JayJayJayJay    6,257 posts
    Jupiters Darling Marko, an interesting filly. I never thought she was much good (great judge me) and never thought she beat much but she just kept on winning.....she won one of those big money babies races and although not successful in the Oaks or any of those classics, she won 14 times and over 140k in stakes. Jesse Moore as he always does did a brilliant job with her.
    Broodmare wise, I am not surprised she has thrown a good one. Dream Away mares out of Soky's Atom mares are incredibly successful, especially with a strong maternal line, and this family goes back to the mighty Blackwatch which threw the Megaera and Aberfeldy maternal lines. Alta Christiano is starting to land some punches as a sire, especially it seems with fillies, and breeding wise, he won't get much better mares than Jupiters Darling

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  • squid69squid69    1,434 posts
    JayJay said:

    The Scottish Arania - Oro Travis filly was bought by Cass and Keith Haese and was the start of the "Alfa" dynasty. Oro Travis was a sister to former champ Bin Oro, top WA maternal family. She raced successfully as Travis Arania and was the dam of Scanio, Bold Ruler, Alfa Dyno, Alfa triumph etc. $5.5k was money well spent.

    Always get confused with Young Symbol and Time Symbol ..Barry Warwick and Mike Reed or Fletcher involved, I dunno either.

    Scanio - there are some memories and stories around him. Featured heavily in his 3/4yo year in a “Seasons of Glory” video.
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