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  • FlandersFlanders    809 posts
    In hindsight with the field looking below par, they were always going to roll out the red carpet to ensure Bob ran his gun. Absolutely thrown in
  • NgawyniNgawyni    571 posts
    edited December 2019

    First, Regal Power is only penalised 3 points (from 108 to 111) for beating Gatting (112) and Star Exhibit (107) by 2-3 lengths with ease. The standard penalty for winning is 4 points. So he's already in at least 0.5 kg light.

    Then the Cup is handicapped as a 98+ when for the last 5 years (at least) it's been handicapped between 94+ and 96+. So that's another 1 kg saved. 

    Last year, the race was rated as 96+ and Material Man with a rating of 112 was given 61. 

    Previous 5 years (race rating and top weight after final declarations):

    2015 - 94+ Mr Moet (104) 59kgs
    2016 - 96+ Delicacy (106) 59kgs
    2017 - 94+ Perfect Reflection (104) 59kgs
    2018 - 95+ Pounamu (107) 59kgs
    2019 - 96+ Gatting (108) 59kgs  (Material Man original topweight (112) 61 kgs)

    In any of the above years Regal Power (with a rating of 111) would have had 61, except for last year when he would have had 60.5.

    By raising the race rating to 98+, the handicapper has advantaged Regal Power (by 1 kg on top of the already light penalty for winning on Saturday), Star Exhibit by 1 kg, Mississippi Delta and Taxagano by 0.5 kgs. All other runners are disadvantaged.

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  • paraleticparaletic    3,750 posts
    59.5... if it runs it wins by 3 hard held.
  • NgawyniNgawyni    571 posts
    It's well weighted but it still has to give Taxagano 6.5 kgs which has been winning with 59.
  • Ridersonthestorm33Ridersonthestorm33    10,746 posts
    edited December 2019
    $2.50 favourite, which means in a fave v the field bet - the field would be a warm $1.50 favourite. Also may mean a possible non runner.

    One thing certain - doesn't the field fall away!
  • Ridersonthestorm33Ridersonthestorm33    10,746 posts
    edited December 2019
    ^^Normally when the fave is 6/4 ( $2.50 ) the field is about 1/2 ($1.50 ).

    Just like Pies v Cats
    Pies $1.50
    Cats $2.50
  • Ridersonthestorm33Ridersonthestorm33    10,746 posts
    edited December 2019
    Delicacy -1
    Neverland - 2
    Real Love - 3

    Regal Power - 1
    Star Exhibit - 2
    Missippippi Delta - 3

    Possible Deja Vu!
    Been racking the noggin if Real Love ran in the Railway, am leaning slightly no. Dark Musket looked a place moral at the furlong but Real Love kept on coming too, running the trifecta behind Delicacy and Neverland.

    The Musket running in his fourth Perth Cup. a 3,200 metre winner and Kingston Town placegetter, there's not much depth to the field, but no chance. ( Or you wouldn't think so ).
  • NgawyniNgawyni    571 posts
    Just noticed, Taxagano got 5 points (to go to 97) for winning $59,000 and beating a 73 rater by a head. 

    Regal Power got 3 points (to go to 111) for winning $147,500 and beating a 112 rater by 2.3 lengths with something to spare.

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  • thefalconthefalcon    17,549 posts
    i'm gobsmacked!  who runs this game in WA? why don't we hear trainers up in arms? got me stuffed! ~X(

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  • oldhendooldhendo    450 posts
    Perth Racing. We can do what suits us and **** the lot of you, its our sandpit.

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  • Ridersonthestorm33Ridersonthestorm33    10,746 posts
    edited December 2019
    Just doing the count, and their were 26 and now down to 23, with no sign of Here Comes Lenni.
    Now for Falcons fave time - ruffy time!

    Will be mighty surprised if the fave gets rolled if it runs, but if doesn't their is a smokey...impressed on Saturday with the win of Arctic Stream.
  • Ridersonthestorm33Ridersonthestorm33    10,746 posts
    edited December 2019
    Outside of Arctic Stream as an outsider can't really make much of a case for anyone else at odds, they've all got some place hopes.

    If Regal Power doesn't run, and Missipipi Delta runs fave I'd be laying, especially if he's on Tabform front page! Although Regal Power did triumph over that.

    Suzuka Devious - I'll walk to Japan if that starts.
  • RodentRodent    5,892 posts
    I'd love to hear the reasoning behind the 98+. What justification is there for increasing the rating other than an invitation to Regal Power? Pretty disgusting really. It puts the entire field out of the handicap except for Bob Peters' horses barring the Japanese horse (Achernar Star unlikely to start I would think).
     It makes Perth look like a provincial backwater.
  • RodentRodent    5,892 posts
    So Regal Power should have carried 2kg less than Gatting on ratings. He only carried 1kg less and still absolutely thrashed him hard held. HTF do you only get 3 points for that?
     Material Man went from 109 to 112 for winning the Grp 3 Hyperion $150k race where he was the highest rated horse. He beat Great Shot (108) by 0.3L
     Contrast that to Bob's horse a 108 rater smashing a 112 rater in a G2 250k race. It reminds me of how they watered the track for Makybe Diva when Lee said he'd scratch her if they didn't.
  • Ridersonthestorm33Ridersonthestorm33    10,746 posts
    edited December 2019
    Brothers Keeper, Forceful and Here Comes Lenni all out of the market. Down to 23, looks several more doubtful, and many slow one paced ones there still.

    Prize Catch might be a sneaky hope of third or fourth, ran a beauty last Cup and very good in the Towton. If Regal Power comes out, Star Exhibit 1st. Arctic Stream 2nd. Missisippi Delta 3rd. Prize Catch 4. Spiritual Warrior 5. Taxagano 6. British Bessy 7. Royal Command 8.

    A big line through the rest. Japanese horse definetly in if runs but have to wait and see on it.

    First four punters - reckon there the eight. ( Outside of the favourite ).
  • FlandersFlanders    809 posts
    If only Steve Wolfe had a runner in the race, he'd be livid and would be on the radio calling it exactly what it is.

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  • darkshinesdarkshines    2,837 posts
    RWWA will tell you how integrity is at their core, yet here some poor cobber just doing his job has been instructed to roll out the red carpet for the cerise and white.

    And they'll probably trot him out on the radio to try and justify it, which will be a laugh.

    What an absolute joke. Laughing stock stuff.

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  • TheDivaTheDiva    12,602 posts
    regal power is on the drift now... $3.50 on Victab... 
  • thefalconthefalcon    17,549 posts
    sure to be withdrawn now....the aust. cup the mission....
  • darkshinesdarkshines    2,837 posts
    FWIW I wouldnt send it round even with the concession. He'll likely win it anyway, and this horse is that good that its not worth risking. 

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  • GLAMOURGLAMOUR    516 posts
    If thats the case him drifting,looks like other WA top liners,will head over East in the Autumn
  • thefalconthefalcon    17,549 posts
    what top liners?
  • Ridersonthestorm33Ridersonthestorm33    10,746 posts
    edited December 2019
    Regal Power out to $2.80 on Tabtouch - not quite $3.50 but it is Tabtouch...nope he won't be running, but that's good, the new clear cut favourite will be Missisippi Delta.

    The greatest lay since Double Trigger in the 1995 Melbourne Cup or Drum Taps in about 1993. Oscar Schindler in 96 likewise.
    Star Exhibit to create history. Arctic Stream the danger. A different Spiritual Warrior the blowout.
  • Ridersonthestorm33Ridersonthestorm33    10,746 posts
    Was up the tab and amazed to see somebody wanting to bet just $30 on Regal Power - then asking what does all in market mean ?

    Oh brother, back Regal Power and you'll probably find out!
  • Ridersonthestorm33Ridersonthestorm33    10,746 posts
    edited December 2019
    Just reviewing the horses left in - several around 50/1 should be 500/1, Achernar Star 40/1 - if he starts I'll walk to China!

    Without Regal Power - no doubt the three fave's will be in order Missisippi Delta, Star Exhibit and Taxagano and even though no depth to the field all those three whilst deserving fave's - could all be risky too!

    Missippippi reckon he's a risk as fave, Star Exhibit can be hard to trust occasionally and Taxagano a little bit of a concern at the 2400.

    For the sake of going wider - wasn't a Prize Catch fan, but converted somewhat and around 25/1 in a weak Perth Cup looks ok, even if the fave comes out should be double figures on the day, and as mentioned am warming to Arctic Stream see some potential there!

    Outside of those two and Spiritual Warrior ( never write off that trainer ) and the three fave's plus Regal Power it looks thin alright after that lot.
  • Ridersonthestorm33Ridersonthestorm33    10,746 posts
    edited December 2019
    Just looking at one Corporate odds - they have the four fave's ( including Regal Power ) as the only four under 12/1...then with horses like Ambitious and doubtful starter Suzuka Devious...there's nothing much there....or is there?!

    Spiritual Warrior 16/1 ✔️
    Arctic Stream 20/1 ✔️
    Prize Catch 25/1 ✔️

    The fave's + those three = forget the rest!
  • ElitistElitist    358 posts
    The money Mississippi Delta since Monday suggests Regal Power won't be going around and a few people already know.
  • paraleticparaletic    3,750 posts
    I cant have Delta winning this. Star Exhibit will win a 3rd.

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  • Ridersonthestorm33Ridersonthestorm33    10,746 posts
    edited December 2019
    Been a terrible carnival for favourite bettor's on the big races, Regal Power the exception in the CB Cox Stakes, and think betfair lay punters can go to the well one more time and lay Mississippi Delta.

    Taking on the cerise and white plus Pike however, just keep your fingers crossed for added support!
  • pikerpiker    404 posts
    Perth Cup betting over here; just noticed no Regal Power!
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