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If you thought Vega One was red hot?

East Coast Racing
TheDivaTheDiva    12,602 posts
check this one out... the most blatant hook job I've seen in a long time. 
Stable mate won the race. 


  • squid69squid69    1,434 posts
    Four months - at the bottom end of the scale I reckon.
  • NevershowsurpriseNevershowsurprise    878 posts
    edited May 2020
    It was a 6 buck pop, what’s the point! If it was odds on and you set the stablemate up then fair enough.
    Anyway, to do it so obviously...You can’t be too bright if you’re a 61yr old jock that hooks one so badly :))

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  • ManchildManchild    273 posts
    At his age , he should hang his head in shame

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  • thefalconthefalcon    17,549 posts
    chris graham could be his love child..... :))

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  • savethegamesavethegame    2,106 posts
    No doubt  he deserved some sort of penalty purely based on no early endeavour---Maybe if his ride  was to make sure he was no danger to the other stablemates did the right one  from the stable win?  if there was a boatie at all?-----, There is no mention of the third stablemate show 'em that was backed from 9.8 -4.8 in the last two minutes, who led by 2-3lgths around the bend.and folded up like a cheap k-mart tent--- first up from a spell.

     The  other one the winner Turkey Beach  10.70. 7.90. in last two minutes, Hacksaw Ridge  last 2mins. flucs. were  6.50--- 6.60.   think the first 600m  61 year-old  Stanley was trying to remember did he have his liptor.------Gee hope the stable wins a race with hacksaw the closest it has ran  is 5th for the Austin stable.---- see it had ran 8th of 8th at birdsvillie beaten 15L last year--.. poor old Stanley Watkins has had 50 rides since 5th nov. 2019......
  • therealkramertherealkramer    8,008 posts
    edited May 2020
    What about this one? Different set of circumstances with the jockey trying to lead and refusing to revert to plan B...horse(Bold Warrior) was still $3.2-2.45

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