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Belmont 22/8/20

West Australian Racing


  • LooksLikeTroubleLooksLikeTrouble    88 posts
    Troodles they shouda sent the jock back to trials????
  • FlandersFlanders    809 posts
    H-BOMBER said:

    Flanders said:

    You seriously could not bet decent money on any horse on that track. Its bloody hammered

    Just caught up on the replays. You would have had your life on Western Temple at the 200m mark today, then you'll notice it hits the more noticeably green patch at the 150m mark and and to my eye, affected it's run. It may have peaked on its run at the same time but there was a nice clod of sand flying up at the crucial point. Nothing in the stewards report though

    I'm almost certain they've made a conscious decision not to mention the trench in the stewards report since it was outlined on here (and maybe elsewhere). They are kidding themselves if they think burying your head in the sand is going to fix it

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  • sonnysonny    772 posts
    Hi Bomber, totally agree with your summation of that incident.. 
  • ThunderstruckThunderstruck    4,875 posts
    edited August 2020
    H-BOMBER said:

    H-BOMBER said:

    I actually have been thinking he's going well lately.

    Bombed on at least 5 favs and has got 2 cats up..please explain...lol

    Won Jockey challenge today. He's giving them every chance and the roughies prove that

    Fair play as later he did the job..one of which i was on but earlier(playing marika)and at Pinny Thurs not so flash, which is where my maybe somewhat misguided or early crow comment was based upon.
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