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  • ChrisChris    4,775 posts
    They seem to have taken it down...
  • Precision1Precision1    309 posts

    H-BOMBER said:

    Apart from the runner up, nothing in the Railway could turn the tables on IG in the KT. The filly that won the Guineas is obviously in it up to her ears.

    Material Man says "Hi". He'd be the only one and the 3yos
    And I say, thanks for coming. Agree with you about the 3yos, the colts in particular, who rattled off blistering closing sectionals. Will need to settle closer in the run in the KT tho, so the advantage swings back to the filly there. 
    I think Material Man is right in it with the weight swing he’ll get against virtually the entire field.  I’m against the filly as well but think Dom To Shoot And Western Empire can both win although the second one struggles for a run you’d have to think.  Add Inspirational Girl and the winner comes from those.  
  • therealkramertherealkramer    8,008 posts
    edited November 2020
    Too Close The Sun is better at WFA, even if he DOES meet IG 2kg worse. KT almost always won from the front and that offsets the weight pull in IG's favour imo. Kay Cee will carry 7kg more than last year-can she rebound from a horror run in the Railway? 
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