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Albany Friday 11-12-20

West Australian Racing
C.Parnham's ride on Ocean Candy was pretty ordinary. I think Pike will be #1 until he retires.


  • TheSwooperTheSwooper    1,667 posts
    Thought Sardellic would take the sit behind the Larrikin instead of tanking along outside of it the whole way. Did well to beat it home.
  • Buddy123Buddy123    77 posts
    Like the 9 Indiana wolf Albany.. trialled ok.
    Not sure the delay down there..?
  • hashhash    7,113 posts
    Big delay at Albany, Alan Mc has been kicked near the throat by another horse and is in a bad way
    Fingers crossed he pulls up ok... and they can finish the meeting
  • RodentRodent    5,892 posts
    C.Parnham with 2 points in the jockey challenge from 4 rides. Why would he have gone down there for that?
  • ElitistElitist    358 posts
    Dmac had numerous nominated maybe he made an early commitment before they all didn't accept

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  • sonnysonny    773 posts
    Rodent ,You should know that jockeys and Trainers are the worst judges..

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  • thefalconthefalcon    17,549 posts
    hey hash, bugger if they can finish to meeting.....what about Alan Mc...poor bugger, kicked in the throat...could have damage to voice box and laryx and u worry about finishing a bloody meeting.
    if they did, bet u lost ya dosh....
  • hashhash    7,113 posts
    sonny said:

    Rodent ,You should know that jockeys and Trainers are the worst judges..

    And owners even worse =))

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