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Race 9 Bunbury 11-2-21 should have been a no race

West Australian Racing
RodentRodent    5,892 posts
edited February 24 West Australian Racing
After looking carefully at the barriers in race 7 and 8 on the same day, the gates begin to open less than 0.1 sec after the levers on the gates spring up. This is normal at Bunbury. In race 9 however, the levers sprang up yet there was a full 0.5 seconds before the majority of the gates opened. They came out like Brown's cows and stewards decided to scratch the horse that got a fly start. 
 The barriers clearly malfunctioned. What a joke.
 p.s I have deduced that the gate of Ginger Mack did not open prematurely. It was a case of it being the only gate that opened at the correct time. All the other gates failed to open at the appropriate time.


  • H-BOMBERH-BOMBER    8,667 posts
    Haha @Rodent I hope you arent losing too much sleep over this  :P
  • RodentRodent    5,892 posts
    On its own it doesn't really matter. It does however erode confidence in the decision makers. That's the shame of it all.

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  • RodentRodent    5,892 posts
    edited February 24
    These 2 photos are consecutive frames. The first is before the levers on the edges of the gates spring up. The 2nd photo is after they have sprung up. It's easier to notice when doing frame by frame video rather than stills. Anyway, after the levers spring up, the gate of Ginger Mack is still closed.
     Even the stewards by their own admission in their report concede that the gates opened in at least 3 different time intervals!
     The mistake they made was assuming gates had opened prematurely. They did not. The start was a dog's breakfast and punters got shafted. 

  • TiversTivers    7,598 posts
    So really Ginger Mack should be declared winner as the only horse that got a fair start, and the rest should be declared non runners as their gates didn't open (in time).

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  • RodentRodent    5,892 posts
    Nice one Tivers. The race was a complete mess due to malfunctioning of the barriers. The stewards did their best to keep as much of the punters' money as possible.  :-q
  • careycarey    6,247 posts
    dunno if the rsole(i shall get back to this in my own time) should comment here, but it looks like a horse wide of centre, went too soon(even before that lever moved) and had some sort of impact on the gates, as the outside gates all moved(again before lever moved).
    then they stopped until said horse eased pressure on gate, and then they started again.
    barriers may have malfunctioned but it was a horse that caused it.

    after reading the stewards report then it is obvious CASTILLO DEL LAGO caused the problem.

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  • careycarey    6,247 posts
    and further to this, the stewards after checking various angles!..........you guys have to to be joking, it is so obvious that the horse that lunged caused the gates to delay opening when they should have, and the gates of the non runner was in no way prematurely opened.
    not sure if the starter even affected the start at all, as those lever things never opened at all or only marginally.

    the report on what happened in this race at the start, is a work of fiction.
    i am 000's of KM away, and half blind and can still see what happe

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  • careycarey    6,247 posts
    and the starter knew the start was stuffed, as the shot shows.
    it was a no race if i have ever seen a no race.
    the horse that lunged was not afforded any chance.
    the shot also shows how unfair the start was for many of the runners,


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  • FlandersFlanders    809 posts
    Maybe just use the vision to your advantage on the punt... at the end of the day, the form guide says one thing but the eye tells the real story. Analyse the results/hard luck stories and make the $$$
  • TiversTivers    7,598 posts
    Question really is the why didn’t they pull them up there and then
  • BobcatBobcat    109 posts
    Doesn’t the report also mention the Jock could not hear the false start sirens either?
  • RodentRodent    5,892 posts
    Bobcat said:

    Doesn’t the report also mention the Jock could not hear the false start sirens either?

    I just read the report and can't find mention of it.
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