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Golden Slipper day, Rosehill 27/3/2021

East Coast Racing


  • Precision1Precision1    216 posts

    I wouldn’t jump the gun on that Thunder, Addeybb has improved 4 to 5 lengths on his first up run the last couple of preps where I think VE was at her top today.  Get another soft track and I think Addeybb will towel her up in the Queen Elisebeth and the best part is well likely get $3plus

    going to recoup you reckon after losing today are ya? she was pulling away late today whereas last year SAME RACE likely nearly SAME CONDITIONS the pommy horse pulled away late no??? she has improved markedly from last autumn take your blinkers off.
    I got the tri today for 300% for a very small outlay and didn’t have Addeybb in the first box, I was very much against him today.  As I say he’s a 5 length better horse second up, she nearly beat him first up last year and I agree she’s bigger and better this year. 
  • ThunderstruckThunderstruck    4,910 posts
    Eagerly looking forward to round 2, i don't think Waller will back her up in the Tancred been there done that and its just a week away, surprising how well AOT stuck on so you did well there.
    Spell then Arc De Triomphe bound in Oct.
  • PCPC    1,807 posts
    100/1 chance that Verry Elleegant runs in the Tancred. Will go straight to the QE Stakes.

    R8 Order of Command each way all day

    $6 for second paid a lot better than expected
  • VoodooVoodoo    943 posts
    Artorius will be a serious racehorse one day....still very green and probably not ideal with his nuts still attached. Impressive last furlong after doing plenty wrong in running. 
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