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It has been reported that the couple are a high profile WA harness trainer and his wife. The husband supposedly had previously played hockey at the olympics for Australia



  • thefalconthefalcon    18,664 posts
    silly girl!!
  • ThunderstruckThunderstruck    6,318 posts
    edited November 2021
    Yet fairly intelligent in a general sense you would think.. foolish indeed.
  • Cant_RefuseCant_Refuse    117 posts

    It has been reported that the couple are a high profile WA harness trainer and his wife. The husband supposedly had previously played hockey at the olympics for Australia

    Ex wife
    edited November 2021
    Quoted report I read but you obviously are informed and know the status.
  • freodockersfreodockers    1,929 posts
    Who really cares.
    What they do in there own time is their business as long as they don’t harm anybody else.
    WA media got nothing else to report on.
    Seriously is it such a big deal.
    edited November 2021

    Seriously is it such a big deal.

    Not if you are a fan of illegality
  • Ivorytrunkey86Ivorytrunkey86    143 posts
    Injecting humans with ketamine unless your a trained paramedic or human doctor I would of thought Is a fairly big deal.

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    Certainly does Ivory as well as raising other questions
  • freodockersfreodockers    1,929 posts
    What other questions does it raise ???
  • H-BOMBERH-BOMBER    9,602 posts
    Judging by the article there were multiple times drugs that were allocated to animal use were abused by this person.
    Questions such as
    What other drugs did you abuse?
    Did you prescribe anything else to friends and family?
    Did you practice under the influence?
    Were there any casualties from surgery or otherwise in the last 2 years and were these cases investigated appropriately at the time?
    Can we see your drug log books?
    Can we see your current holdings and do they match the log?

    So many questions. Hope it was worth it.
  • MarkovinaMarkovina    2,062 posts
    Unfortunately today -you just dont know what is happening behind the scenes - re these highly qualified professionals - who are authorised and entrusted with numerous drugs 

    When i was in Sydney a few years back - there was 2 Brain Surgeons - performing very important procedures/operations - mainly in the public hospital system

    So obviously Joe Public - would put their total trust and faith in them 

    They were 2 blokes - there was a big age gap 20 to 30 years between them - but they became infatuated with each - thats their business - but one of them tragically overdosed and died 

    So there was a coronial inquest and all the rest of it - they seized  emails and phones etc - and what they found was happening was that these 2 were getting absolutely smashed out of their minds on drugs - GMBH or something - to such an extent - that one would email the other  and say look im way out of it - ive got to operate in 20-30 minutes - ive taken other drugs to try to bring me back to normality - reality - but they havent worked - im desperate - what do i do  ?

    Like i say - youve got no idea what is happening behind the scenes today 

    The public were outraged - the health minister was outraged - but these type of things are occurring .

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  • capguncapgun    19 posts
    Fact of the matter is, if every dirty secret of everyone’s lives was published in the news paper we’d all be pretty embarrassed. Life’s hard.., sometimes shit happens. Top vet

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    edited November 2021
    If a vet can do that to humans who obviously accept it then it makes you wonder what the person is doing with permission to horses that race.
  • freodockersfreodockers    1,929 posts
    Seriously !!!!
    This shit has been going on for decades.
    What difference does it make if it’s a vet or a horse trainer injecting or tubing an animal.
    They are both given a license of sorts based on the assumption they will treat animals with the upmost care.
    There is no inference that any horses were mistreated in the article btw, so that line of thought is purely speculative.
    Yes she stuffed up on a personal and professional level but that does not make her a bad person or a bad vet.
    Agree 100% with Capgun.
  • spinkingspinking    3,309 posts
    Makes her neither. But pretty sure there is some criminallity in stealing registerd drugs for your own use
  • savethegamesavethegame    2,487 posts
    Cause of concern -Vets operate under enormous pressure & stress also the abuse in regional areas of Australia on call 24 hours  with a suicide occuring  one every 12 weeks--- Four times more lilkey then others

    Most recent one in the goldfields (Kalg.)  3 weeks ago who was reported to be a brilliant  horse vet.

    You can't defend whats taken place here---just maybe a ongoing call for help---terrible end result.

    If its a addiction hope they get all the help they need. 

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  • ArapahoArapaho    138 posts
    The Question that I would ask.,,,,
    Who drove home ?
    Tuber er Uber
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