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The Perth Cup is shaping up as a pretty solid contest this time around. Just looking at the market and I feel there are a healthy amount of reasonable chances down to roughly the 10th line. Great to see.
Hopefully a good contest in the Van Heemst tomorrow, and they're all still heading to Jan 1 and we might be in for the best Cup for some time.
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  • GilgameshGilgamesh    4,732 posts
    I'll give you two to put a line through as im on at the early prices. Blazing away and Black Fantasy :D
  • ChrisChris    5,229 posts
    Queen Alina for me
  • VoodooVoodoo    1,238 posts
    edited December 2023
    Zoumon for me...fitter and will improve with that run under its belt....Blinkers going on a big plus....

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  • Buddy123Buddy123    209 posts
    Thought demolish last 100 was nice off a slow speed.. should be a solid speed.. swoopers n bang.
    But on the weight scale should be some nice ew hopes..
  • BobcatBobcat    166 posts
    EW Blazing Away
  • ManchildManchild    696 posts
    Numerian for me ,
  • Mikes27091Mikes27091    158 posts
    Queen Alina for me
  • AbbysAceAbbysAce    564 posts
    Capt 17 has to go close, good preparation, good barrier, no weight, best trainer, best jockey

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  • FlandersFlanders    1,205 posts
    Casino 17 + Queen Alina both look like they're timed to perfection
    What is the story behind Newitt scoring those rides on cup day?
  • thefalconthefalcon    19,986 posts
    good left handed whip rider for wolfes horse in the cup....plus picked up a few extra rides.
  • ChrisChris    5,229 posts
    All Play
    Yonga Lass
    Wild Belle
    Be Optimistic

    Bank them!

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  • thefalconthefalcon    19,986 posts
    you'll find one here..at a price

    gemmas son
    brooklyn pier
  • oldhendooldhendo    765 posts
    I hope to be Blazing Away.
    R4 Wonder Weapon ew
    R5 Wee Ripper ew
    R6 Fine Touch ew
    R7 Itsarayday Best Bet Songaa a saver
    R8 Zoumon from Demolish. Old Neufbosc will plod on and maddie for a place is Bad Wolf
    R9 Two at odds each way are Corn Cob and Via Monte. Former Eastern Stater Deep Speed is worth a watch

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  • thefalconthefalcon    19,986 posts
    the maddie for a place is playhouse patron.
    Your Gemma can't be dismissed Falcon
  • RexRex    397 posts
    Casino Seventeen for me.

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  • VoodooVoodoo    1,238 posts
    Cobbanco in the last at a price E/W.....Father Brian is due.....
  • meatpiemeatpie    413 posts
    Two things out of the day for me so far

    People voted with the feet, wouldnt think anyone in their right mind would move the Perth Cup from Jan 1st again, not sure about numbers but looks good and atmosphere sounds great

    how big a certainty beaten was Wild Belle, nearly fell, picked itself up, rattled home only to get checked again close to home.

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  • Buddy123Buddy123    209 posts
    Gemma’s son.. rubbish. Caught wide but the ghost is a bit underrated..
  • Buddy123Buddy123    209 posts
    Watson last on Via Monte.. sheesh
    I give up

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  • Mikes27091Mikes27091    158 posts
    in my humble opnion was a great day in the members are and on the floor both areas very full and great atmosphere and I thought very good days racing
  • Vincent_vegaVincent_vega    472 posts
    I reckon Be Optimistic should have got further back in the run…..

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    Buddy123 said:

    Watson last on Via Monte.. sheesh
    I give up

    Same can be said for ride on Songaa.

    3 placings at long odds for me today so healthy day with novelties and placings despite no winner but Fine Touch was close to a big result.
  • jumjum    3,516 posts
    Wild Belle  :-& :-& :-&
    Itsarayday's race was like watching a Hunter Biden home movie..Terrible. The horse had the fortune of Julian Assange.., Locked up and still looking to get out. There was plenty of petrol left under BP. Save it for another day.

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  • savethegamesavethegame    2,798 posts
    W.B.& It's aRayday we're mindful where Daddy's horse was in the run ,so he was never going to get impeded by attempting to shift it for clear air.
  • spinkingspinking    3,745 posts
    Think K.Duran might be copping a bit of stick from his counterparts after coming back to the mounting yard after the scorcher. Watch it on the post race interviews

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  • VoodooVoodoo    1,238 posts
    Where do we catch them post race interviews ?
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