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On Course Bookie Numbers in WA .

West Australian Racing
New to the forum . Asking how many licensed bookies are fielding on course in WA at the moment .


  • psychopsycho    654 posts

    New to the forum . Asking how many licensed bookies are fielding on course in WA at the moment .

    5 at Ascot yesterday in the main ring and "maybe" 1 upstairs on the first floor, varies from 4-6 on most "normal" Saturdays at Ascot. Midweek 2 maximum
  • licklick    307 posts
    Boring, quiet, uncompetitive. Where are the characters? It should be a place of entertainment - most punters these days are small in terms of dollars - so take 'em on - majority of them are going to lose anyway.

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  • spinkingspinking    3,745 posts
    Characters like the Penguin Adrian Ace Williams Mad mark Pancho worked for Roy Edward’s . Graham (whisper ) styles worked for Colin Clune and whoever else had a horse in; could go on

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  • sonnysonny    1,064 posts
    Hi Spinking, Is Mad Mark still around.. I remember him in 70/80 when I was Punting in Sydney.. Falc would have seen him around also ..
  • spinkingspinking    3,745 posts
    Gday Sonny. Last time I saw him would have been early nineties head butting the boards at the local tab. If my memory is correct think he may have been tied up with Jack Van Tongerin. When he was making it hard to make a living out of being a Chinese cook
  • BushbookieBushbookie    47 posts
    Just asking this forum about punting with a on course bookie at a non TAB meeting . You walk into a "Ring" of 5 Bookies to place a $100 bet on your selection . Which bookie do you decide to bet with . 1 the one closest to you , 2 walk around the ring and find the best price , 3 the one who has the most staff and looks like the biggest bookie there , 4 bet to a face , 5 bet with the one who has female clerks , 6 bet with the one who has a sign that gives a odds boost on your bet , 7 challenged every bookie to give you a better price , 8 any other ways
  • Vincent_vegaVincent_vega    472 posts
    I always used to go best price. If prices are similar go to one with the best females

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  • spinkingspinking    3,745 posts
    If you don’t go option 2 you’re doing yourself out of ????. No 2 every time. Would you take 5 to one as opposed to 10 to one because the pencilor or clerk has breasts ?
  • ChrisChris    5,229 posts
    Peter McCormack is still loving the challenge of bookmaking in the modern era.

    He posts some really interested insight/content on Twitter.

    Here's a wrap of his wins and losses on one of the Pinnacles days.
  • BushbookieBushbookie    47 posts
    Just listened to the McCormacks talking about Bookmaking . Perth lucky to have them on course . I've been a Bookie for 15 years and still cant understand punters oncourse and their betting patterns with on course Bookies . 50% of them just bet with the first Bookie on his #1 stand at the top of the ring and never worry about price . The other 50% will look the ring but have various betting patterns . Some if challenged by the bookie bet with him then feel obligated to bet with him the rest of meeting . Some challenge you for a better price but show no loyalty to bet with you again if they get it . Some just bet with the bookie because hes friendly and so are his clerks , some just bet with the bookie they think is the biggest because he has 6 LEDs set up and 4 clerks . What I have learnt is the bookies draw and getting the 1 or 2 stands makes or breaks your day . If your 5 or 6 you can bet 108 % all day and not hold ashtray money .
  • spinkingspinking    3,745 posts
    Where do you field Bush up north ?
  • BushbookieBushbookie    47 posts
    All over Birdsville to Innisfail , Gold Coast to Mount Isa and anywhere in between that you can get a go . Clocked up 25,000 km last year doing 43 meets .

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  • spinkingspinking    3,745 posts
    You must have seen some colourful characters in your time. . Do you pay stand fees ?. And if so who to the club your at . Or do they see it as you doing them a favour
  • BushbookieBushbookie    47 posts
    No fielding fees in Qld , OnCourse bookies pay a 1% turnover tax . Biggest problem is getting a stand - long term club bookmakers tell the clubs not to let any new bookies field . At non TAB meets its common to have starting prices at 150% to 200% plus. Plenty of Qld bush meets get good crowds of 4000+ Dingo , Alpha , Birdsville , Burrandowan , Mount Perry , Gympie but only 250 punt on average , Birdsville maybe 60%. Rest just thete for a party .

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  • spinkingspinking    3,745 posts
    On my bucket list Bushbookie to get to Birdsville. Not only for the races but to see the legendary Frank (give them a round on the bells and drums) Brophy boxing tent. Before they dissapear . Must be a great atmosphere. And one of the iconic bush race meetings

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  • AbbysAceAbbysAce    564 posts
    edited January 23
    I think Mc Cormacks prices are very competiive close to jump and his Twitter review of each Ascot meeting on the carnival is great, gives the average punter a look at how bookmakers are thinking.

    And you can see how much they are holding, pretty tough gig, so hats off to any bookmaker having a go,

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  • BushbookieBushbookie    47 posts
    Had a good 2 hour talk with Fred last year on the Thursday before the Cup on the Birdsville Pub veranda. One of the most knowable blokes I've ever met . If your into boxing history of World and Aussie fighters from the 60s to the 90s like I am you just hang off every story he tells you . Knows plenty about which horses are going in Birdsville because every trainer WANTS to tip him a certain winner if they got one going . Won plenty off me last year . Its the only meeting for us bush bookies where the punters bet non stop for 40 minites each race and you can make a good book on each race because the grey nomads back all the outsiders for good money and the stable smarties back the fav chances . Get 7000 oncourse . Pauline Hanson was in the ring a few years back and it was like Moses parting the Red Sea when she checked out the odds . Fred worships her and each night had her as a ring card girl , nearly everyone was more interested in watching her than the actual fights . Only 25 kms of dirt left to Birdsville if you come from Winton way. Gunna do Betoota , Birdsville and Bedourie this year as they get good crowds at the other 2 .Petrol exy at $2.90 a litre last year.

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  • Vincent_vegaVincent_vega    472 posts
    Sounds like my type of cup meeting Bb

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  • jumjum    3,516 posts
    I've been offline for the last week @Bushbookie. (On Holidays)
    You are a breath of fresh air on here.
    Welcome aboard PTT and I hope you continue to contribute.

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  • spinkingspinking    3,745 posts
    A lot of people pot Pauline but I don’t mind her she calls it as she sees it . A trait fast disappearing in todays world
  • BushbookieBushbookie    47 posts
    Jum i'm on a mission to try to work out what Punters think and do when placing their bets in a on course bookies ring . I've been a bookie for 15 years and am still buffaloed at their thinking . I've been taught as a punter once , you come up with a minimum price on your selection , then go into a bookies ring , scan every bookies board to see if your price is there and then bet with the bookie who maybe has your selection above the ring price . In 15 years of Bookmaking plenty dont. Punters like this one that bet with a bookie beside me at a Darling Downs rac meet last year abound . The favorite in a BM55 was $1.80 in a 8 horse race around the 8 bookie ring late in the betting . I was holding nothing on the fav so blew it out to $2.00 just before they jumped . A Grazier fronted up in front of my stand with $400 in his hand . "What do ya want mate " I asked . He looked at my odds for a sec and then the bookie next to me . He then asked the bookie next to me for $200 e/w the fav . Even the place I was betting $1.25 and the bookie next door was betting the place $1.10. I just shook me head and thought what do i gotta do . Anyway the fav got beat by half a head and the grazier come back to collect his $220 place bet . Bet with me he collects $250.

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  • bookieloverbookielover    2,623 posts
    Bushbookie is an absolute gentleman, who deserves to be successful at what is a very tough caper. 

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