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  • The best horse in on the weights Falcon is Billy
  • Didn’t they purchase their first tried horse which unfortunately died in the accident Falcon talks about above. Hopefully for them it was insured
    in BLACK HEARTS Comment by spinking June 17
  • Reckon your right Falcon. Good run
  • You must be a dedicated dye in the wool punter Psycho to even contemplate venturing to the concrete jungle today . Even the Falcon who had a runner wasnt going there today. Falcon did you include the horses in that 100 that would not be on course to…
  • Complimentary umbrella to do the long walk in . And the same when you leave. One can get awfully wet walking into Belmont nowdays
  • First the pres now the coach . Whos next Hendo?
    in AFL 2021 Comment by spinking June 9
  • Got to feel for Joh Rahm. Going into the last round six shots up only to be told he has covid and can not finish the tournament. Be pi..ed off if you backed him. Just another way to loose your money
    in Golf Betting Comment by spinking June 8
  • Absolute farce. As the detonator said if you paid to watch it more fool you. The same as the Tyson fight exhibition fighters. Does the sport no good. Mayweathers last 2 fights have done nothing more except put money in his already bulging pockets
  • Amazing what a winner can do
  • Maybe a good result. Owners get to keep the prizemoney, horse being disqualafied does not get any ratings points for the win
    in Dennis Couper Comment by spinking June 2
  • obvious yet no mention in the stewards report
  • That should have been mares
    in Arcadia Queen Comment by spinking May 30
  • Unfortunately yes . Racenet reporting 5 mates being transported from the Gold Coast sale had to be euthanised.
    in Arcadia Queen Comment by spinking May 30
  • Heard at the races yesterday that Arcadia Queen May have been on the float that crashed yesterday. Only what I heard
    in Arcadia Queen Comment by spinking May 30
  • Third quarter fade outs if not already must becoming a serious issue. That’s not a excuse a observation. Well done bombers
    in AFL 2021 Comment by spinking May 29
  • Belmont . The whole place is a sh..hole. And if not already a liability to Perth racing will soon become one. Was sitting at think it’s called old mates bar underneath the stand first race. A bloke went arse up on a puddle of water formed on the flo…
  • Text messages you can still be dumb being a profesor apparently
    in BREAKING NEWS Comment by spinking May 28
  • Thanks LDT
    in Northam 27/05 Comment by spinking May 27
  • Also the wrong thread but i was told its free admission to Belmont throughout the whole season . Can any one confirm?
    in Northam 27/05 Comment by spinking May 27
  • 4 flags in that short time its amazing isn't it Hendo
    in AFL 2021 Comment by spinking May 26
  • Nevershow i care even less about Collingwood. And of course covid has had a impact on attendances . But in 2019 Colingwood had won 6 out of 8 matches narrowley losing to Geelong in one. If you dont think their situation this year 2 out of eight isnt…
    in AFL 2021 Comment by spinking May 25
  • It was only their undisciplined actions against Essendon that cost them the game wasn’t it?
    in AFL 2021 Comment by spinking May 24
  • Think their win loss ratio might have a bit more to do with it as opposed to who the opposition is
    in AFL 2021 Comment by spinking May 24
  • must have heard me up now
    in CRIS Comment by spinking May 24
  • Nevershowsurprise. People may not be going to the footy in Melbourne due to the covid.But 33000 at the NORTH MELB VS ESS game and 45000 at the Carlton Hawks game suggests that the 23000 at the pies game is not due to covid only
    in AFL 2021 Comment by spinking May 24
  • Yeah thrown you a school teacher. If not you should have been
    in AFL 2021 Comment by spinking May 23
  • Hendo not having a dig at your post but what has WR frown away and how are we to know that he won't set himself up for life Because of a puff of weed No other restrictions for his latest indiscretion have been applied to him. He is free to come back…
    in AFL 2021 Comment by spinking May 23
  • terrible news Jum
    in Condor Heroes Comment by spinking May 19
  • Going to make it very hard for himself to get back into the Aussie team. And even if he does  you would think he may be given the cold shoulder by a few well known bowlers
  • Presumption only Falc. But I an thinking a observation type deck to check out the horses parading around the the stabeling area. Like the area at Ascot were they parade out the back before coming down into the mounting yard. Hopefully their is a bar…
    in Ascot 15/5/21 Comment by spinking May 18