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  • "Trainer Mr J Prentice stated that JAWSOFLINCOLN tends to hang outwards in its trackwork, and he was not surprised that when under pressure it had shifted up the track given the circumstances of the race. He further stated that he will now consid…
  • Garry Hall gets $300 fine for drifting off and letting his Mrs roll through to victory  :)) :D :-j Its either one or the other. No fine nothing to see here or you chuck the book at him. This is why no one wants to bet on the Trots.      >-) &g…
  • Also, Damien, how do you rate Fernie's purchase of Winning Rupert. Do you think he will go well here in WA.  20 mares at $5k a pop and he is in front. might be a very astute buy in the end.
  • In Race 4 Bunbury today. Will get a real test of ability against Auspicious. Who run some handy races against quality horses last time in. 
    in Cessation Comment by jum February 28
  • Turn up the volume Jimmy  :D I have no problems my end mate. 
  • I think JJ hit the nail on the head  >-)
  • I can smell the Dencorub in the air. Footy is almost back. Love it, Can't waitEagles to win 6 games this year. 3Harley to win the Rising Star. George WardlawPressure on Longmuir if the Dickers under perform again. Will make the 8Gold Coast will play…
    in AFL 2024 Comment by jum February 12
  • Singapore has a heap of light towers that they wont need shortly I think you will find that the actual towers are the cheapest part.We have just put some up around our football oval and I was heavily involved.Footings for the tower and the correct L…
    in Weather Comment by jum February 12
  • But to spend $27 million - keeping the track at 800 metres - knocking over some existing grandstands and building another new grandstand when hardly anyone goes - i cant see any logic in that  As some on here have said numerous times. the g…
  • Reading his quotes in the paper. I think he even knew he was in a heap of trouble.The way I read it, I believe he is very remorseful and willing to cop whatever came his way. To be honest, in this day and age there is absolutely no place for racial …
    in Shaun McGruddy Comment by jum February 1
  • 2015 Pacing cup.Look into it and the irony on the night, if you look at the winner of race straight after the Cup and who drove the winner.
  • But back in the day unfortunately Trotting definitely deserved the Red Hots tag , i will give you a couple of examples  David Hercules ?????    >-)
  • Yes, agree, debate issues, present facts, offer opinions, disagree respectfully by all means, that's what makes the world go around but a pretty good thread has descended into pointless pie throwing. Again, JJ speaking some sense.  Well, I'll be f#…
  • That was unbelievable from Dunlap. when he doubled the par 3. Well let's just say when I was watching, I thought he was cooked and wouldn't finish top 10. Boy can play
  • I've been offline for the last week @Bushbookie. (On Holidays)You are a breath of fresh air on here.Welcome aboard PTT and I hope you continue to contribute.
  • What are people thoughts on the big bash final.I think the BBL should introduce a best of three series to see who wins the title.That way the fans of the top two teams can get a home final each and if it goes to a 3rd game then the team on top gets …
  • Re Panda hosting one out one back - he might be like one of those Superstar AFL players - not getting enough money  Thus Panda wants one of those highly lucrative Front Ended Contracts ,  where he gets all that beautiful - big lovely cash up front -…
  • he likes favs but loves pike...seriously, to tip 1 jock to win 7 races is complete folly. his editor should have something to say. He has been doing it for 40 years Falcyou can also tip how many $10 and over pops he has tipped on your two hands in t…
  • have a look in your in box jum. Received your message Falc. Cheers
  • Aerial shot
  • have a look in your in box jum. Nothing in there Falc
  • can anybody tell us why bob peters changed to a black cap? i have a sneaky idea why.... :-? Well  :-?? Whats your suspicion Falc
  • It was a cheap day on the Pissss those great halcyon Tent land days. $130 was a premium ticket and you could drink spirits out of cans all day with no limit. You would be all primed up by 3pm and there were beautiful women 360 degrees around you and…
    in GP New Years Comment by jum January 3
  • Wild Belle  :-& :-& :-&
    in Perth Cup 2024 Comment by jum January 2
  • who bets into the tote pool? P.s Cherry picking at its finest I believe people on course do. Which is really saying something
    in Busso 23/24 Comment by jum December 2023
  • I had a whole novel written out. But it's not worth the debate, so I deleted half of it. I was just giving my opinions on how i think it is only beneficial for these country meeting to keep going ahead and getting the harness racing product out to t…
    in Busso 23/24 Comment by jum December 2023
  • I'm not trying to convince anyone of anything JJ. I'm just saying that in any sport or business you need to promote it as best you can and get it to the masses and make sure they have an enjoyable time. Big business sport in the world is all about t…
    in Busso 23/24 Comment by jum December 2023
  • So, you're telling me the top tier is sustainable at the moment and keeping the industry afloat.In my eyes if you have a top tier and a bottom tier and no in-between. Where is the middle ground to progress to the top tier. Then the top tier starts t…
    in Busso 23/24 Comment by jum December 2023
  • Gil, been going there forever, never ever seen a crowd like last night, it was an outstanding promotion by the club for it's 75th Anniversary. Like being in side show alley at the Royal Show. The Tote Area was jam packed, 8 machines operating with q…
    in Busso 23/24 Comment by jum December 2023