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  • I was shattered to get knocked off in the last race. A real head shaker when looking at the winner's form. It turns out it ran the fastest last 600m of the entire meeting outsprinting everything in the Hannans. The improvement was absolutely ridicul…
  • It was discovered after another one was accepted for the WP race on Saturday. Took the trainer of another horse in that race to call them up and point it out.Thought if this has happened now, probably has happened previously so went back through the…
  • Im not even sure what you're trying to say?
  • Uttsy dont think there is much to haha about a horse doing even time down a busy road . Lucky no one was seriuosly injured human horse or vehicle Oh christ, I can only imagine how much time you'd spend in real life trying to correct people that do o…
  • Are you able to redo those stats and take Kalgoorlie out of them?
  • ^^ heard Marks horses made a mass escape, all down ennis ave, cop cars on intersections.i hope none were hurt. Was that Bairstows horse?? haha saw a video of it yesterday, made it onto the Bell Tower Times
  • I didn't get that far re the Tyzone story...so no opinion on that..fine was massively light i know that. As for the rest of this article yes i have heard of this guy once and it probably was around about the last time he made big accusations which …
  • Haha sorry falc I realised after posting that it was impossible to sense my sarcasm
    in Kalgoorlie Comment by Uttsy May 2020
  • Yeah but the blinkers went on Falc
    in Kalgoorlie Comment by Uttsy May 2020
  • Was backed from 17$ falc. Second up for a new stable after a horror ride first up, wasn’t too outrageous for a race like that
  • hahaha that is a good laugh. Two trainers live in neighbouring suburbs and have horses backed in on different days. Wow the mind boggles hahah hope you're stocked up on tin foil Chatsky!
  • Didnt it jump from 11 of 14?Horse was gross unders to begin with.I love a cynic, but cant pick up what you're putting down.
  • Doesn’t really matter when he is $31 to start this week.. What was the ride for then.? Yeah it doesn’t matter at all, jockeys and trainers should be allowed to intentionally not try in races and keep it to themselves. Especially if that runner ha…
  • Just move on- get a life( it’s not a murder enquiry) Hahah even if it was a murder enquiry, you’d probably only get 18months if found guilty
  • Easy peasy for the bull!
  • Seems to be happening a lot of late, jocks on absolute goats putting unnecessary tempo into the race and finishing last 
  • hahah he can thank another 100/1 goat for putting tempo into it for that one Id say. She was stuck out in no mans land before AK decided it was time to go at the 1400. Then slots in beautifully!
  • Typical..on at good ew odds and it runs 4th..3very chance but unsure whether it was beaten by lack of ability or the outside lanes being better the winner ran on from last..maybe a bit of both. Mine was a painful watch, jumps well enough, gets cut a…
  • For a maiden that first race is pretty competitive.  I went with Sly As A Fox. Jumped alright then snagged back on a very slow tempo, looked to be restrained on the bend and took a while to wind up. Rattled out the second quickest final furlong on t…
  • Interesting how well LJ ran on, may not be a rails fest day
  • Looking at todays going stick report, could be right on another rails day. Looks like a Good 3 section on the rail near the line. Usually a good sign that its the place to be!
  • With you on this Slip. Anyone who preaches leniency on any integrity issues under guises of excuses and good previous records really doesnt understand exactly what is at stake. Assumptions shouldnt be made that if this is their first offence, that t…
  • Might be an interesting speed battle in R2 the improving Agent Jay who i like is pretty zippy from the gates albeit racing over slightly further..Shooter could let them go take a sit in the 1/1 and roll the fav and maybe Durrant's filly late..here's…
  • Apparently he said the saddle felt loose and didn’t feel stable enough to ride vigorously as it would slip... sooo it didn’t even slip.
  • He’s been found guilty
  • Expecting an incredibly hot rail by the looks Expecting it to get pitched up the same way it has the last couple of weeks or so. Yeah def haven’t want to be too far back over the last month or so, think it’s played a little better the furthe…
  • Expecting an incredibly hot rail by the looks
  • I still dont know what to believe.If the saddle had slipped and it was just a matter of it not being entered into the report, then why is this whole process being played out? Surely they would've just dealt with it that day, they'd just put their ha…
  • Just seems to create more questions than give any actual answers. How come the saddle slipping didn’t make the stewards report?
  • I was thinking in more of a general sense and not specifically related to this particular incident. But in response to Gilga's point, so by definition, that horse was entered into the race with absolutely no intention of winning. What is competition…